wireless keypad

  1. jsyshaggy

    Texecom Keypad Constant ExitTone

    Hi, I've recently setup a Texecom Elite 64w with 4 wired zones wired directly into the panel (Hall (Z1), Front Room (Z2), Dining Room (Z3) & Kitchen (Z4)). There is a wired LCD Keypad in the Hall and a Remote Keypad in the garage (Z10), a wireless Q20 in the Office (Z9), two wireless Q20 in the...
  2. W

    Texecom Premier Elite 64 - How to change batteries on Wireless Keypad?

    Hi, I have a Texecom Premier Elite 64, with comwifi module. I've recently changed the batteries in my motion sensors; and thought it would also be a good idea to change the batteries in the Wireless Keypad (just to keep the battery same date roughly the same). From what I can see online, its...
  3. Mechanical Mike

    Pyronix Enforcer night set query

    Pyronix Enforcer installed. Downstairs sensors and contacts level AB One landing PIR level A. Enforcer panel is in cupboard upstairs somewhere so using a wireless arming station keypad in the hall. The front door contact final exit. The hall PIR next to it 09 An adjacent room PIR also 09 as it...