Texecom - auto arm garage silently after 1 hour - not working after panel upgrade

11 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
I had a Premier 48 with area B set up as the garage. I used a zone output wired to a latching zone input to auto arm this area as per this post. The zone input was set to silent arm and instant arm for area B.


Auto arm delay was set as 60 minutes, and this worked a treat. After 60 minutes of no motion in area B, the house keypad (enabled for both area A and area B) would do a short beep once, and then a chime a few seconds later. At this point the garage would be full armed.

The house keypad worked sounded normal entry and exit tones for area A.

I just upgraded to a Premier Elite 640, and manually migrated all the settings.

I think I've set up the auto arm in the same way. However after 60 minutes the house keypad sounds exit tones for around 20seconds and then arms.

It seems the standard auto arm is "winning" over the "instant silent" arm on the zone.

Any suggestions on how to get back to a silent arm? Cheers!
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a big jump from a premier 48 to a 640 panel, why you go so large?

the elite 640 has 4 groups of 16 areas.

without seeing the profiles for both systems and the event log, difficult to say.

auto arm delay, should rearm that area after the timer has expired and no movement detected.(ie the delay timer restarts if theres any movement)

your saying that the out programed as that was then used to arm the input set as latch key with arm instant arm silent?
a big jump from a premier 48 to a 640 panel, why you go so large?

I wanted more than the 2 networks on the 168.

On the 48, the auto arm after 1 hour without movement was silent except for a single beep and a single chime.

On the 640 I get a continuous exit tone for around 20 seconds before it then arms. This suggests to me that normal auto arm is working, but it is ignoring my instant silent arm zone.

The area arming mode is set to "timed exit" with an area exit delay time of 30s
again I would need to look at the wintex profiles, I don't have a 640 in the office the programming is essentially the same these days.

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, doesn't quite add up to me at the minute from your description.
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Thanks for the reply Secureiam. Here is what I am trying to achieve.

House - Area A - Keypad in Bedroom and near front door
Garage - Area B - Keypad
Sheds - Area C - Keypad
Fire (all smoke detectors everywhere) - Area D
Flood (All flood water detectors everywhere) - Area E

1. House keypads to be able to arm and disarm areas a,b,c on exit, and to show which areas are armed, and on exit, show which zones are preventing arming.
2. Garage and Sheds to auto arm after 1 hour of no movement detected within each area.
3. House keypads to be as silent as possible when garage and sheds are auto arming.
4. Nice to have - Garage and shed keypads to sound exit tones when their areas are arming, either automatically or manually.
5. Garage and shed keypads to sound entry and exit tones for their individual areas and alarms for any area.
6. Fire and flood alarms to sound in all keypads

I got the silent(ish) auto arm working. I needed to make the "auto arming" output inverted. So original question is solved.

I think all my requirements listed are working - a couple more tests to do. Thanks!

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