Texecom questions. Auto part arm, Wintex, keypad areas, ricochet battery life

11 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
A few niggly questions that I've stored up for a while.
  1. The "part" and "area" buttons don't arm the system when using the app or Wintex keypad. They work fine from the physical keypads. I am using keypad areas, but not area arm suites. I guess it is because the app and Wintex keypads are not set to a particular area? Is there a way to do this?

  2. For the bedroom keypad, I would like entry and exit tones enabled for some areas, but not others. I can only see the one option for entry/exit tones for all areas. Is there a way to do this?

  3. I would like the house to auto part arm after 1 hour of the back door and front door contacts being continuously closed. These contacts along with the rest of the house are on area A. I have set auto arm area A, part arm instant area A, and auto part arm area A options. I already have the garage (on area B) auto full arming after an hour which works fine. I do have PIRs in the house that are set to "part arm omit" and guard access. Would "part arm omit" stop the PIRs resetting the 1 hour timer? My problem is that Area A does not auto part arm. , or is there anything else I should check? I could move the part arm zones (front and back doors) to a different area and have that area auto arm instead.

  4. I have 10 ricochet window contacts. These contacts are set to always awake, and these zones are mostly always armed. The area with the window contacts is set to auto arm after 1 hour of closed windows. The batteries in some of these contacts only seem to last 2 or 3 months. Is this normal? Ricochet network seems ok, I can post a screenshot if that would help.
Box is a Premier Elite 640. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.

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Okay so you using the old app.

Quick arm doesn't work on the app or wintex.

you could turn off the areas on the bedroom keypad but thi sffactes how things work overall so need to look at how you want it to work as a whole.

The auto partarm after an hour of both doors being shut may be a woerk around but certainly cant think of a simple way of doing it off top of my head.

which type of contacts do you have and how old are the units, I am guessing they are micro contacts
Hi Secureiam,

I could add the door contacts to the "windows area", and call the area "perimeter" instead of "windows". That way they'll be auto armed after an hour. If the door contacts are also in area A, then I think that will also give me normal entry exit as it does today?

The wireless contacts are GHA-0001 Micro Contact-W, and about 1 year old.

I've thought of another question:- The Windows area auto arms an hour after all windows are closed. If one window is left open, then it will not auto arm at all. Is there a way of having this area auto arm after an hour even if one window is left open, but OMIT that open window?

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the micro contacts are possibly faulty as at that time there were s few failing within 6 months, replace under warranty.

having the door would only start the entry tone, if auto armed and depends on how much you use your doors.

as for the omit you can program force omit I believe but I don't recommend it as you then ose your security for that window/s.

the micro shocks may be a better option now for your windows, ie they could be armed with the window open, as they don't need to see the magnet,
Just to close out the battery life problem. I had been using cheap cells from ebay, which only lasted a month or so.

I've since replaced them with Duracells, and so far no more low batteries.

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