Texecom 24 - PIRs Preventing Arming

27 Nov 2014
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Hi, can you help me with an Arming programming question please.
Texecom Premier Elite 24. Wintex software. 2 keyboards.
One area only Area A.
No Area Suites set up.
KB1 in final exit /entry zone.
Door contact final exit /entry programmed as entry/exit 1, ommitable, Auto rearm.
Two PIRs in entry exit zone both programmed as Guard Access. Ommittable. Access. Auto Rearm.
When Arming at the keyboard near the final exit door I am in the sight of the two PIRs which at the moment of arming are active of course. This causes an arming fault and indication shows the PIRs are preventing Arming. if these PIRs are set to NOT USED then arming is OK.
Sequence is
Do you want to arm-yes
area A in exit mode
Area A arm fail PIR1 PIR2
If by stealth I hide from the PIRs reach and do not exit the SYSTEM arms OK .
It is when I exit that the PIRs pick this movement up and causes alarm fail.
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It is when I exit that the PIRs pick this movement up and causes alarm fail.
I'm afraid I do not have any dealings with the Texecom panel.

What you are describing is a programming fault, check 'the book' for how the PiRs should be configured for entry/exit use.
@Europlex your on the money, seen this user ask for help elsewhere and has been told the same.

If he has them as guard access /(walk through) zones they should arm.
Sounds like they need to be programmed as timed e/e or inhibited mode (or whatever it's called on Texecom)
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Not familiar with the Elite 24 programming or terminology but this is from a Veritas Excel Installation Manual

Inhibited Entry

Inhibited Entry is sometimes referred to as 'Intermediate Entry' or 'Walk Through'. Opening a zone with this Zone Type when the panel is set will cause an alarm. During entry mode, activations of a zone with this Zone Type are disregarded. This Zone Type would typically be used for a hall PIR when there is a magnetic contact on the front door.
the guard access is the equivalent and at default on zone 2 just like the veritas.

think from the description there has been a bit of fiddling around with the attributes, easiest way to get it back is put to not used then back to guard access as all the correct default parameters would be loaded in.
As noted in my first post setting the PIRs to NOT USED solves the problem and the system arms OK however this is not what I want as the PIRs are there to add protection to the KB near the entry door. resetting the PIRs to Guard Access brings back the problem. i have also powered down the system twice then loading defaults then loading profile which should work. All to no avail. I have also set area prog to timed exit.
it appears to me that it is not possible to have a PIR watching the exit KB whatever the settings.
Results are as follows with system set as in my first post.
Do you want to arm system- YES
Area in Exit
door opened and exit made.
Outside I can tell that arm has failed because the strobe flashes which does not occur if system is armed OK.
On entry
KB reads system Alerts Area Arm Fail Hall PIR.( The PIR overlooking the KB when attempting to set arm.)
The message actually reads Zone 3 Hall PIR (Active or not Active depending if I move about or not)
Do you want to arm system- YES
Area in Exit
I hide from PIR active region and do not exit.
After a time AREA FULL ARMED A
I then unhide from the PIR and it senses me
Area in Alarm Zone 3 Hall PIR.
AS 'Secure I AM' says Programme as 'guard access' then it will work correctly. Many, if not all alarm systems will have a detector on the E/E route and then programmed accordingly, it's in the book, I had a look :(
if you want to get this resolved email or call me and i'll walk you through this.

You have defaulted the panel and reloaded your profile, if your profile is wrong it wont help loading it in.

To reset the zone easiest way, is go into zone setup, put zone as not used, when that's done change it to guard access and that should load the default settings for guard access.

come out of engineering and re try.
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i thank you for your replies however i suspect that few have actually read my post through. The PIRs are on GUARD ACCESS and yes that is correct but No it does not work as the PIRs are always active and prevent Arming.That is the whole reason i am posting.
The door is on Entry Exit.
Area is on Timed exit.
This info is all in my previous posts.
the guard access is the right zone setting unless you have xchanged the attributes.

timed exit, how long is it on timed.

I have offered to go through this with you properly one on one and you haven't followed the advice given, you have done your own spin on it.
I hear what you are saying loud and clear, but can see from your posts your not doing whats been asked.

I have offered you help one on one and you have my number if you want helping.

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