Texecom 24 - PIRs Preventing Arming

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Not heard from you since sending you the emails.

1. Setup a new profile.
2. Just select e/e, guard, guard access for the zones as you have them now, do nothing else with them.
(just select the zone Type, nothing else)
3. Make sure your user doesn't have the code lock. (didn't see a user screen shot).
4. Don't change anything else.

Not sure how I can help you anymore if you don't get in touch, I have no idea if your have received the emails but they haven't bounced back so they may be in your junk folder if you haven't seen them.
As you were saying things were a mess just created a profile to load in and use. mailed you the files to put into wintex.

Let me know if you have any issues, but best to ring me as I am going to be out and about,
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To all those who replied to my post thank you. I know that i did not reply to all of them but i needed to focus on one line of action which for a newbie was quite intensive.

The fault has been cleared now and for those interested enough i will report back after walk tests and part arm etc are completed.

i am not entirely clear why it became good however at the moment i would surmise that it was not a configuration reason, however i had configured it incorrectly and only because of indispensable generous technical assistance from Secureiam is it now configured correctly.
If it makes it any less unclear, \I have no idea either.
There were clearly things misconfigured in the data I received and advice was given on that basis.
The fault has now been fully resolved, besides the actually wintex profile changes the keypad address being used to arm the system was not correctly programed for the area it was in.
To be fair wired up 20+ zones eol, 2 keypads, and reading the manual doesn't always help with how to set the system up.

Had much worse ex diy jobs to deal with. badly wired, cheap cable, and then the programing to sort out.
Hi guys,

can i just jump onto this thread as i have just wired my first TExecom system. I have two RKPs, 8xp-w, 9 wired motions, 1 wired contact, 3 wireless motions and 1 wireless contact. 1 beam detector and 2 smoke alarms. I have a few problems. Using wintex to program everything. I am happy to email SecureIam my files for you to have a look at if you dont mind. My problems are:

1) Only one RKP detected
2) Cant get the 8XP-W detected by main control panel, yet Ricochet monitor shows the 4 wireless devices connected to expander
N.B I used address 1 for RKP (this works) and address 2 for the other RKP (not detected) and address 3 for wireless expander (not detected)
3) I cannot get the damn thing to arm - system says 'Preparing to Arm' and just stays there even when i omit all the zones except for one upstairs zone. Also tried arm with faults and just stays on preparing to arm. Please help!!! I am lost.

kind regards,

I forgot to mention that i have 8XE onboard zone expander which is working
Start your own thread. It's not really fair someone reading a 3 page thread to then find things have changed to another.
should be asked on a separate thread, set 8XP-W to address 2, the 8XE is occupying address one as such even though it doesn't show.
Whoopee!! I have a superb fully working Texecom system. I can recite the Texecom installation manual off by heart but I still do not understand how it works.

just a note about importing profiles from defaults or third parties.

If you have correctly addressed two keyboards to your panel and these addresses are working fine but are not default eg) Add1 and Add 3.

When importing a profile from defaults or third parties, then those addresses will be changed to Add1 and Add2 which would of course then be a mismatch.

This is something while simple in concept may not be something which is picked up or checked from the profile sender or the profile receiver.

I am still documenting my journey from faulty to good installation and will post again when complete. This may help Newbies and their issues . ( I am now an expert of course. LOL)
Sorry to jump the thread. I will start a different one with my questions. Thanks.

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