texecom elite 64

  1. jsyshaggy

    Texecom Keypad Constant ExitTone

    Hi, I've recently setup a Texecom Elite 64w with 4 wired zones wired directly into the panel (Hall (Z1), Front Room (Z2), Dining Room (Z3) & Kitchen (Z4)). There is a wired LCD Keypad in the Hall and a Remote Keypad in the garage (Z10), a wireless Q20 in the Office (Z9), two wireless Q20 in the...
  2. M

    Texecom Elite premier can arm but not disarm from keypad

    Hi Been pulling my hairs out over this. Got a new self install system (elite 64w with smartcom, 1 wired keypad and 1 wireless keypad) and everything is almost working perfectly, exepct for one thing - I cannot disarm from either keypad (wired or wireless). I am however able to disarm by keying...