1. D

    New bath has arrived, why is it shorter than sales spec dims?

    I just bought an 1800x725 bath, I'm going to enclose it on 3 sides with stud. But the bath only measures 1790 along top of rim, flaring out slightly to 1794 at the underside/lower edge the rim lip. So is the 1800 given in the sales spec the length of the alcove required to accommodate bath...
  2. D

    Why does 1800 bath actually measure 1790

    Is it to allow fitting in an 1800 recess/alcove with 5mm tolerance at each end? I'm putting a bath alcove together (stud/Aquapanel) and was wondering anyway, what gap to set at the ends between bath & Aquapanels (panels to drop 10mm below rim). The bath showed up 10mm shorter than expected...
  3. janieJones123

    Advice on building stud wall in alcove

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me with blocking off an alcove with a stud wall. We have this odd alcove in our dining room that is currently shelved. However the alcove isn't the height of the room, as the chimney goes off to the left above it. It just kinda looks a bit crap...
  4. D

    Best type of material for alcove shelf/desk

    I am looking to build a shelf/desk in an alcove. The alcove is 96cm wide and for argument sake the depth would be 100cm so looking at 1m sq sheet of material. The desk would support laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc and would be supported by a baton along the 2 sides of the alcove but not...
  5. M

    Alcove chimney breast

    I am confused to what this is on top of the alcove, I am planning to expose the bricks and open up the chimney breast. Does anyone know what that is if I can make it redundant. Thanks in advance
  6. S

    LED drivers accessible?

    Hi I'm carrying out a full rewire during the refurbishment of my house. I have notified the council and paid my fees; they'll come in and test after I'm done. After finishing the main wiring I'm now looking at accent lighting before all the walls and ceilings are skimmed. I have 2 bathrooms...
  7. N

    1200mmx900mm shower alcove build

    Hi All Just bought a new house and I've knocked the toilet and bathroom through into one. I'm moving the toilet and I want to build a shower cubicle in the space where the toilet was. The space is 1400mm so I was going to put down a 1200mm shower tray and use the 200mm "gap" to have a concealed...