1. O

    Android- bubble booster malware

    I am posting this here to help anyone that makes the mistake of downloading cra.pware such as Bubble Booster. I go a phone call from an elderly relative (via her landline). She was unable to use her Android Motorola because of pop ups asking her if she wants to improve the phone's performance...
  2. R

    Texecom App full arm button incorrect

    Hi All I have the Texecom Premier Elite 24 with smartcom and Wintex. All has seemed fine for a long time, but I've just noticed that the red full arm button on our Apps, puts one of the part arms on instead of full arm! I haven't noticed anywhere to 'set' what action the red App button does -...
  3. C

    **SOLVED** CCTV Dahula Recorder. Dont know Password but know Patten

    **SOLVED** Hi, I have bought a new phone. App worked fine with my old iPhone, but I have gone over to Android (Samsung) I have had the system put in 2 years now, never once used the password. No idea what it could be. Tried the usual ones I would use. Obviously you cannot set a new...
  4. T

    Pyronix upgrade from Home Control + to Home Control 2.0

    Hi I received an email stating I will need to upgrade to Home Control 2.0. After installing the new app on my phone, I entered my home alarm credentials but at the login screen it states... Access denied. Before you can access this app, it needs to be authorised on the pyronixcloud. Please...
  5. C

    Setting up Honeywell GX remote app

    I hooked up GX remote and I can set unset the alarm, view logs etc from my phone. I am trying to set up push notifications but fail at the registration part on my phone. I can register without a panel account and everything seems fine but I never get any confirmation email.I can get the account...
  6. T

    Pyronix iPhone app - HomeControl+ or ProControl+

    Hi all Can someone advise me whether I should update the app on my iPhone to use the new Pyronix ProControl+ app or should I stick with HomeControl+? The splash screen on HomeControl+ states that it has been replaced by ProControl+ but seems to continue to work fine for me. Anyone else...
  7. M

    Texecom Premier Elite 24 With Texe App

    I have a new phone and want to enable the Texe app on it. If I generate a code from the keypad using the same account as on my old phone, will it disable the app on my old phone? Thanks
  8. A

    Texecom premier elite notifications

    I can receive notifications via email no problem but the notifications via the app have stopped working-how do I restore them? I've done the basics and ensured that I have notifications ticked on the app and my phone hasn't blocked them.
  9. eveares

    New Forum Help How to view my media and search by keyword on iOS App?

    So normally I just use a standard web browser to access DiyNot, however I thought I would give the official iOS app a go for the first time. Can't figure out how to view my media, edit a post I made, or search for a thread using keywords using the app. Anyone know how to do the above using the...
  10. K

    Cannot register new app on Pyronix Cloud

    Hi all, Had been using the Pyronix Cloud App for some time now on an iPhone 5s without any problems, until I upgraded to an iPhone 7s. I have installed the app on the new phone, and having set up the configuration I get a message to contact my system administrator before I could use the app...
  11. DIYnot

    READ ME! iOS App for the forum

    We are pleased to announce that there is an iOS app for iPhone/iPad available, you can browse and post in the forum from within the app and it gives a more tailored layout for in particular the iPhone. We have started with the fundamental features of the forum and we hope to add features as...