READ ME! iOS App for the forum


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17 Aug 2001
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United Kingdom
We are pleased to announce that there is an iOS app for iPhone/iPad available, you can browse and post in the forum from within the app and it gives a more tailored layout for in particular the iPhone. We have started with the fundamental features of the forum and we hope to add features as time goes on.

We are seeking feedback and any problems that you encounter so we can continue to improve things in future versions.

An equivalent Android app is on the way but will not be available until early next year, it is definitely in the pipeline.

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I wonder if some members will not realise it exists, to me the banner just looked like another advert, not relating to DIYNOT, so I for one ignored it, so I wonder if others will too.
Anyone know how you can search the forums on the iOS app?
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Thanks for your feedback so far. We'll be sending out a newsletter as well, I will look into other ways of being attention to it.

Both search and text size variation are not included in this initial release. It's definitely something we'll look into for future releases. We want to get the basics sorted first and then build on that. We do appreciate and seek the feedback though as it will help guide future efforts on which features to work on next.
Are you having to develop the app yourselves or does Jelsoft enterprise not produce one for you since you use their BB software?
The forum software is not vBulletin, so that's not an option.
I tried to install it yesterday, but it said it wasn't available at this time ?

Had it been taken off ?
It's been available since I originally posted as far as I'm aware. Did it load in the App Store and say unavailable or was the landing page unavailable? Other than that do you know what iDevice you're using and which iOS version?
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