Honeywell Accenta Gen3 Galaxy G2 Flex Dimension Pricing Rev

25 Jan 2015
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Hi Guys,

Just thought I would share my work with anyone looking at the Honeywell range of alarm control panel kits (prices all approx.). I'm not keen on Honeywells sparse info website by the way - of one picture per product!

By the way this isn't a sales pitch it's just LOTS of work has to go in if your not familiar with Honeywell's range as their marketing is poor or they only divulge to the industry.

Listed below are Honeywell’s current, normal box style, control panel line-up (I believe, I'm no expert) - kind of entry level of each range - growing in grandeur - from 8 zones to 16 zones on board. Starting with Accenta and growing to Dimension, with Flex in the middle being the most green / power consumption efficient and most recent design (V1 c2011 ? and V3 c late 2013, PIR Camera Feb 2014?) as it is the only one with a ‘black brick’ switch mode power supply unit (PSU) as the others all have transformer based PSU’s. Also Flex i beleive is the only one with USB on board. Honeywell is also pushing the new Camera PIR Sensor ISN3010B4 with Flex - takes a batch of pictures at the time the alarm is activated and can send them on for evidence I believe.

EDIT (27/01/15 10am): Please add UK VAT to the guide prices below

Ok starting with:
£65 base price for Accenta G4/Gen4 Metal case with LCD keypad (no prox) 8SP419A-UK kit £65


+£45 on top of base price for Galaxy G2-12 metal case with MK7 LCD Keyprox + 2 tags G2KPROX-01-C kit £100
(Can add IP via E080-4 for £193 (E080-2 Ethernet Module now discontinued) and GSM not available for G2


+£100 on top of base price for Galaxy Flex FX020 V3 plastic case with Medium sized Panel with latest MK8 Keyprox + 2 tags (no radio module included) C005-E2-K04 kit £165
(Can add IP A083-00-01 for £79 + GSM A081-00-01 £155 = £234 for coms package


+£152 on top of base price for Galaxy Dimension 48 metal case MK7 keyprox LCD + 4 tags C048-D-E1-PRX4G kit £217
(Can add combined IP/ Ethernet/LAN GSM/GPRS (GT-40) to Dimension for £230)

So full IP/GSM communicating capability options on the lowest zone kits are around:

Flex FX020 £165 + IP+GSM Coms £234 = £399 mark

Dimension 48 £217+ IP/GSM Coms £230 = £447 mark

So Dimension £48 more than Flex when configured as a full IP/GSM communicator. Dimension is regarded as the choice for premier / industrial / commercial / installations and Flex the intended choice for latest design in plastic case* hi tech modern home premier installations, SMEs, etc .
*except new small metal box version of Flex

Actually you only have to look at the Honeywell site

Documents and ordering tabs here

Accessories here

to see that Galaxy Flex has the best entries against it with Dimension a close second. Flex is the latest design (has USB) and the one with all the latest part numbers and the only one with a video slide show!

Flex and Dimension also work with the Android/iPhone App ‘GX Remote Control' by Honeywell

and both support Honeywell Door Access Control modules C080 DCM and C081 DCM - Door controllers if you wish to add card entry to your home. Not sure if the app supports this? Nice if it does - let yourself in with your phone - if fails always keep a spare key for the back door!!

Software available that I've found is:

Remote Servicing Suite (RSS) allows installer remote tweaking etc Cost?

User Management Suite (UMS) ~£347 allows the end user to remotely manage their installed systems or provide simple windows based control of a system locally, (Network enabled) with one Dongle

I've decided to go with Flex FX020 as I feel it is the best for my needs and one of the most future proof and Internet/GSM/APP/Door Entry featured - all which I require personally. I can see Honeywell adding further features to the APP in the future too.

Hope I've made the right choice! When choosing a panel for yourself buy what make and model suits you best just as I have. That is why there are so many makes and models around as everyone is different!

Cheers guys hope that helps others.

Flex links:[/b]
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honeywell rep ? 👍😃 ps are they still charging £500 for galaxy upload/ download software !
No just an electronics enthusiast. I worked in the electronics industry for many years! Did design, PCB layouts, firmware, software, LabVIEW, you name it!

Is that this RSS software you are talking about for £500? Hope it's not £500!! was hoping that would be free!

When I first started researching I thought the panel could do an RSS feed!

EDIT 27/01/15 10:11 Even Honeywell have dual meanings on site for RSS!

Taken me ages to suss all this out and still don't know how the C081 DCM - Door controller works with the Flex - can't find any info!

I picked two C081's up cheap on ebay and that's also pushed me the Honeywell route as I have two holiday properties to do.

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No not a rep I am not associated with Honeywell in any shape or form!

In fact can anyone get me an installation manual for putting the Flex and C081 DCM - Door controller together.

Also any info on how these two work together? How do you program a tag/card locally (at home) and give it access at a door that is remote via remote programming?

Just sent this email to Honeywell

Hi Honeywell Sales,

I have recently purchased 2 x C081 DCM - Door controller with PSU to work with two Galaxy Flex systems.

Can you tell me the options for both remote programming of the door controller and local programming of the cards and associated costs please?

Many regards
Oh cheers for that - hopefully GalaxyGuy will read my post soon - his input and help will be most welcome!
Interesting post. If those are securitywarehouse prices there's also VAT to add.

I think you've missed the entry level G2-12 which is normally available on ebay for around £35 and probably the cheapest panel that supports Ethernet. You do need to source a keyprox keypad and sensors though, so kit prices can be quite attractive.

Also, there are compatible Ethernet modules for the panels (all G2/G3/Dimension/FXV1 variants excluding Flex V3) from £49. I don't want to plug the details though :)

Honeywell are introducing a new release of their app this year sometime. I believe it's to make login a bit easier than the previous convoluted process.

It's worthy to note that there are some issues currently with the GPRS module in Flex V3 when used on its own for signaling. One of my selfmon self monitoring customers in the Netherlands has had a few firmware releases from Honeywell after experiencing issues across a few of his sites. The last release seems to be a bit more stable - hope I'm not tempting fate...

The GSM/GPRS module for the Dimension is Chiron based and does not work with Honeywell's app (the releases to date anyway). So, unless you have a Chiron based ARC, then the only use you will have for the GSM module in Dimension is UDL via RSS. Honeywell's monitor app and SelfMon don't have support for it either.

Why did you buy the door controller modules - do you have some heavy duty door control or do you want to use alternative/wiegand readers? I use the MAX3 and MAX4 for door control without the DCM without any probs. Users cards integrated with RSS or the UMS (User Management Suite) if you purchase it (£420).
Thanks GalaxyGuy some interesting points.

Re VAT...OOps! a nasty shock - yes 20% VAT to add. I hate sites that do that. Give you no 'in your face' idea whether VAT is included or not on the product pages. AND don't divulge while the very last page of the ordering FORCING YOU TO REGISTER IN THE PROCESS TO REACH THE LAST PAGE! I've just had to register to step an item through to find out! OK probably in their T&C but would have to find it, them look through pages of stuff to find what should be there in the first place.

GalaxyGuy you spotted another mistake too - my 'G2-20' should read 'G2-12' so I'll correct that. And yes if your lucky Ebay can have some bargains on these from time to time so worth looking there first.

Yes I've heard about the sm-alarms LCE-01 Ethernet Module it sound pretty dam good for only £49 inc P&P (not sure about VAT it doesn't say!)

"Why did you buy the door controller modules - do you have some heavy duty door control or do you want to use alternative/wiegand readers?"

I picked them up used for £99 each on ebay (normal RRP £380 inc VAT). I need an external IP65 card reader and with the C081 DCM you get a nice metal case with PSU and room for a battery and battery charging.

I can place this unit over the door in the loft and simply run the wiring down to the door - so ideal for my application in this circumstance. With MAX4 ~£175 inc VAT card reader is internal combined with control unit and the PSU and battery and housing for those would need to be sourced too. Just realised - does the MAX4 power from the battery backed Galaxy alarm panel? Even so I think I would prefer electric strike locks etc on a separate PSU re reducing back EMF/spiking to the Galaxy's CPU's then intermittent problems.

Still not sure how much RSS is? Is it free?
Yes, the sec warehouse site is pretty much geared for installers, so VAT excluded from listing prices.

Bargains on new Galaxy kit from Ebay. Just ensure that firmwares are the latest, as it can cost a bit to upgrade on some of the panel variants.

The LCE module price is delivered. It was designed to enable low cost remote control and self monitoring via IP.

Again, new max readers come up on ebay from time to time if you're patient. The kit has a suppressor for the maglock and it's powered by the panel. The door controller module offers more functionality in terms of schedules and you can program for various readers/card formats.

RSS isn't free. Honeywell do provide it to some installers for free. I think it's a couple of hundred to buy.
Cheers GalaxyGuy for the RSS info and other..

So you can connect an additional waterproof reader to MAX4 for outside and power it all from the battery backed Galaxy panel - nice solution actually.

I wouldn't want MAX4 outside as if the strike lock /maglock cable was to it and MAX4 was prized off the wall you only need to supply 12V to the lock wires or cut the wires to the lock and your in! ? But it sounds good for internal.

Can you set-up Galaxy to use the same card to gain door access and then disarm the alarm?

What software do you use to remotely program MAX4 btw?
The MAX readers are tampered and waterproof. If you try to remove, then you will cause a tamper alarm. When fitting, you would ensure that there's no possibility of pulling the cable through and since the MAX is potted in resin, there's no way to play with the connections.

I've only used the readers in on-line mode, so programming is done in RSS or manually in panel menus. You can program stand-alone, where you set one card/tag as the master card and use it to add / remove other cards from the system.

Yes, users can be assigned to unset/set the system when they exit/enter using the MAX. Different user levels can be denied access until another user is present. If you want to be able to use the same tag at the keyprox as well as the MAX, then you need to create a duplicate user as the MAX and Keyprox decode the fob codes differently.
well max4 sounds quite good actually - thanks for that very interesting. I need to set something like this up.

So is this how it would work on an external door?...

Program MAX4 via RSS for RFID card ABC
Program Flex via RSS for RFID card ABC


Entry procedure:
1. Place RFID card on max4 - door lock opens - walk in - close door - lock times-out and locks behind you.
2. Place same card on MK7/8 keyprox and disable the alarm.

Exit procedure:
3. Place RFID card on MK7/8 keyprox and enable the alarm.
4. Press an internal 'exit button' to unlock door - walk out - close door - lock times-out and locks behind you.
If anyone is looking to buy a flex I had SW add a missing Honeywell part number to their stock

It's Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 UK Panel & MK8 Keyprox with Internet Module bundle for £228.98 +VAT Model: C005-E2-K04I

May save a few bob from individual prices.

Shame I've already bought as separates :( so not adding up how much I could of saved!

And no I don't work or have any interest in Honeywell just passing on the info! ;)

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