ariston microgenus

  1. C

    Ariston microgenus 23 MFFI PCB eprom config

    I've seen a knowledgable poster on here (Agile) who i'm hoping might shed some light. We've replaced the PCB on the boiler as we had no HW, that returned the HW and CH runs. However the on / off switch, reset and comfort switch don't do anything - the boiler is on even when switched to off. So...
  2. S

    Ariston Microgenus 23 MFFI sounds..

    Hi all, First time post so sorry for any issues. Just moved into a new flat in London, top floor Victorian conversion. Two bed. Came with a Ariston Microgenus 23 MFFI Combi boiler. Couple of issues we’re having & unfortunately it’s the version without fault lights. Just so you know Hot Water &...
  3. TomDJMac

    Ariston Microgenus II - fan problem?

    Any Help would be appreciated.... My boiler is 7 years old and is as above, an Ariston Microgenus II 31mmfi combi boiler (yes, I know they are cheap but it came with the house). I had to replace the PCB a few years back as the whole thing packed in and it ran fine for a while after this but...
  4. M

    Help! No heating or hot water after gas safety check

    Hi all we have an ariston microgenius 23/27 mffi Lovely chap came yesterday to do annual gas safety check (which it passed with flying colours) However now we have no heating or hot water If you switch hot water tap on, the boiler makes all the right noises and then the red ignition failure...
  5. D

    Only shower hot water fluctuates; boiler turns on & off often

    Hi All, New to the forum; but read through a lot of threads and solutions for possibilities around combi boiler, before posting. Bought a flat that has a Ariston MicroGenus (not sure how old). The hot water in the shower (both through shower head and bathtub tap) fluctuates from hot to barely...