bath feet

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    Extra support for steel bath?

    Just had a new steel bath installed but despite the description saying it is the same thickness as the old one it seems to flex a tiny bit when I stand in it. I'm wondering if I should find a way to add a bit of support in the middle, but the plumbing under it is somewhat complicated. I swapped...
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    Bath Waste Problem

    Hi there. I'm installing a new bath at my Grandads house. The waste pipe is at the opposite end to the taps and therefore the pipe needs to travel the length of the bath. My problem is that the waste trap I bought creates the pipe angle that naturally hits the legs of the bath... and I've...
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    Secure Roll Top Bath to Floor

    Hi i've got a roll top bath like the one here: If you look closely at the picture, the feet are stood on small circular pads. The bath is stood on a tiled...