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2 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi there.
I'm installing a new bath at my Grandads house. The waste pipe is at the opposite end to the taps and therefore the pipe needs to travel the length of the bath.

My problem is that the waste trap I bought creates the pipe angle that naturally hits the legs of the bath... and I've pushed back where to screw the legs in as far back as possible. I then purchased a flexi waste pipe in hope to screw onto the 40mm compression thread. But the 1 1/2 thread was just too small to screw on.

If I fix the trap securely to the bath then the 40mm pipe will be coming out at an angle that will surely lead to leaks.

It there a solution without buying a new trap... or is there a flexi pipe that should screw onto the MCalpine 40mm trap? I don't think there's enough space to place a small piece of pipe and then a straight connector..

Help an amateur


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Difficult to fully understand the issue without seeing first hand. But looking at the picture can you not grind out some of the metal support to allow the pipe to sit closer to the tub. Would that give you a better angle?
the trap you have fitted is not suitable for that bath. where is it from? can you post a link? it looks more like a shower trap
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First thing you need to look at is can you get a fall on that waste? If you cant, then you will need to seriously look at turning the bath around and put the taps at the opposite end, extending the supplies to suit, otherwise you're going to struggle with a bath that either drains poorly, or struggles to drain at all.

If you can get a fall, next question is, where is the bath discharging to? If a soil stack you need a deep seal trap, if going to a gulley or hopper a standard bath trap will suffice, and may give you the required clearance.

I would not recommend cutting or altering the metal supports in any way, shape or form,
otherwise if the bath cracks or gives way through lack of support your guarantee will be worthless, and the insurance is unlikely to cover consequential damage.
can you not grind out some of the metal support
These legs brackets are taking an awful lot of weight with a full bath and then a person in it, any material taken out of them may compromise the strength of the support over time.

Definitely not the correct trap if you're running a single pipe like that, it looks like a bath trap with the overflow connection but it's not the correct trap for your situation unless changing the waste pipework with a couple of 45's to drop it down a little.
Personally think it looks a poor design, (unusual for McAlpine products), with the overflow connection lower than the outlet I'd be concerned about crud building up in the overflow pipework and then giving problems with odours back through the overflow.

Separate waste and trap would probably solve your height issue as well, and might even save you a few quid over the price of that contraption!

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