bath waste

  1. B

    Advice- Do I need to use silicone/Fernox LS-X bath waste?

    Hi All My bath waste always seems to leak after a few months. I have always fitted the cheap McAlpine £6 plastic type with push on overflow and used cheapest Screwfix silicone. I have now purchased a proper McAlpine CBWF70CB as in pic. I have been advised by local plumber to add a small...
  2. M

    Bath Waste Problem

    Hi there. I'm installing a new bath at my Grandads house. The waste pipe is at the opposite end to the taps and therefore the pipe needs to travel the length of the bath. My problem is that the waste trap I bought creates the pipe angle that naturally hits the legs of the bath... and I've...
  3. DaveFix

    Can this work? Join Washbasin Waste Pipe with Bath Waste Pipe

    Hi all, When I install the WC against the wall, the waste pipe from the washbasin will be in the way. I'm trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary / visible pipework anyway. My question is: If I feed the washbasin waste pipe straight down and join onto the bath waste pipe, am I likely to get...
  4. N

    Unusual Bath Waste to Identify and Repalce

    Can anyone identify this bath waste I need to replace. It looks like a shower waste in the bottom of the bath, but it has an integrated plunger which is operated by a winder like a normal pop up waste, which is mounted on the bath deck. The overflow is hidden and works on a big inverted U bend...
  5. C

    Push button bath waste (moved from Trade Talk)

    Is there a bath waste that opens by a push button on the overflow? Closure can be by pushing down on the waste like a click-clack type but be opened by pushbutton remote - i.e. without getting hand wet. We currently have a rotary open-close for the waste on the overflow but it's lost it's shine...