1. F

    Growly motor noise under bath

    The saga with the bath/shower in our new home continues ... I ran the bath last night, and decided not to fill it very full at all because I was tired and wanted to go to bed. The amount of water in the bath wasn't even enough to cover my body when lying down. When I got in (with the water...
  2. C

    Remove square bath with taps against far wall

    Hi, We are looking to remove our square bath after purchasing a new property. The taps are against the far wall so we can't see if there is any isolating valves or get to the other side to see them. We don't want to go through the bedroom wall to access the pipes if we can avoid. Does anyone...
  3. M

    Hot and cold bath tap

    our boiler pressure is dropping to 0 even after having the blender valve replaced, paid £80. Maybe 2weeks ago. This was when our pressure was at 0 and only cold water was coming out. Now my water is going hot and cold every 15/20 seconds from the bath tap. Any ideas only moved in a month ago
  4. bettz1

    Is this do able?

    We've bought the same ideal standard taps but with a shower attachment. Upon taking off the panel it's quite tight behind. Am I going to be able to change the tap? Is it just going to be a case of using an adjustable spanner and loosening the 2 joints. Also what tools would be best...
  5. B

    Advice -What budget bath and waste/overflow?

    Hi All I’m looking to renew a plastic/fibreglass standard bath 1700x700. I’m noticing a LOT of new ones are of poor quality, some you can even see through them!! I’ve seen a good reviews of the Selco Norton bath at 5mm thick. They sell a complete suite with it and it’s good reviews...
  6. P

    How to install a shower screen with a notched tile?

    Hi all, I am going to install a showescreen but found I have notched tiles going up the wall, so its not level. I am thinking of installing this: What is the best way to overcome the...
  7. B

    Hot Water Bath Tap extremely slow? - Gravity fed

    Ok so we have had a new Bathroom about a year ago, and the bath Hot water tap (and the bathroom sink tap) are really slow. We have to put the bath on with hot water, 45 mins before to get it to fill as its so slow. I am told its gravity fed from the water tank which is on the same floor and in...
  8. hellopaul2

    Bath pop-up / twist waste replacement

    Hello, I have (after hours of 'persuasion', and trying every trick on the internet - smacking it with a hammer did the job in the end!) managed to free my bath's pop-up waste. It's the type that's operated by turning the overflow knob. I'm now reluctant to put it back in, in case it gets stuck...
  9. L

    Draft from bath overflow so letting in cold air

    It's cold and windy today and I noticed that there is a gale blowing through my bath overflow. Its a 1950's bath and the overflow looks just like the drain hole. The chain for the plug is attached to the centre of the overflow I have sellotaped a peice of plastic over the overflow but would...
  10. V

    Plumbing bath into boiler condensate drain?

    Hi First time poster here. Looking to renovate old bathroom on 1st floor of 1950s semi and want to relocate bath to a different corner. Is it possible to plumb the bath drain into the condensate drain pipe fitted for a combi boiler? It's a 1.5 inch PVC pipe which runs out of the external wall...
  11. StephenStephen

    Tips on drilling through bath

    Hi all, I've splashed out on a new bath like this one: Twin skinned freestanding bath Outer black colour Reinforced with fibreglass for rigidity Made from high quality acrylic I need to make a 40mm hole in the outer...
  12. M

    Wet-Room Tanking/full water proof

    Hi guys, I am in the final process of completing my wetroom prep before tiling. All that is needed is the waterproofing and my mortar bed slope to the linear drain. I have applied waterproof backer boards, now I am ready for tanking/waterproofing. My question is should I fully Tank my backer...
  13. J

    Pipes under the bath disconnected

    Good evening, Water started gushing from above a ceiling hatch which is beneath my bath. As the picture shows, it looks like a pipe has come disconnected from another. I have tried putting the black pipe back inside the white pipe but it doesn't stay fixed, turning the collar doesn't appear to...
  14. J

    Leaky external drain pipe. Can it be ignored?

    Thanks for your replies
  15. ch0rlt0n

    Freestanding Bath - Twist Pop Up Plug

    Hi all, first time post. We have a freestanding bath with a pop-up plug where you twist a dial on the inside edge of the bath to open and close the plug. I think the dial is connected to the plug by a cable (pic 2), similar to a bike brake cable, rather than a direct lever or push-rod. This has...
  16. C

    push fit or compression fittings for waste pipe

    Hi quick question I used two 90 push fits bends to connect the 40mm waste to down pipe. Now when every hot water goes down it makes a knocking/creaking noise that is driving me mad. Guessing it is from heat expansion. Do compression joins have the same problem? As I was just thinking of...
  17. W

    Water Pump

    Hi Can someone please offer advice on which water pump to pick? It'll be for the hotwater to the bath and a downstairs shower room, the cold is on mains and the upstairs shower is electric. We have a hot water cylinder at ground level (about 5m away from the original wall of the house) which...
  18. D

    New bath has arrived, why is it shorter than sales spec dims?

    I just bought an 1800x725 bath, I'm going to enclose it on 3 sides with stud. But the bath only measures 1790 along top of rim, flaring out slightly to 1794 at the underside/lower edge the rim lip. So is the 1800 given in the sales spec the length of the alcove required to accommodate bath...
  19. D

    Sitting stud tilebacker & bath on same horiz CLS

    Talking to a general builder doing some dry lining in my place, says he mostly does bathrooms these days, because "everything has dropped and needs reworking". Is tilebackers/bath sat on the same horiz CLS/batten a good solution?
  20. CCoomber

    Advice for bathroom walls Aquapanel vs Elements board

    So I'm renovating the bathroom in my new house and I bought some water resistant boards (Knauf aquapanel) for the splash heavy areas like the shower, but online I have been seeing a lot of people using the Abacus Elements foam waterproof tiling boards. Which is better? does anyone have...