Hot Water Bath Tap extremely slow? - Gravity fed

23 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
Ok so we have had a new Bathroom about a year ago, and the bath Hot water tap (and the bathroom sink tap) are really slow.
We have to put the bath on with hot water, 45 mins before to get it to fill as its so slow.

I am told its gravity fed from the water tank which is on the same floor and in the other spare bedroom, so this maybe the issue?

The tap on full is just a trickle, and I thought i'd ask here to see if theres any solution? I did think it was a kinked or twisted (flexible) pipe when it was fitted?

Is there anything we can do, apart from relocating the water tank to get a better flow? so a bath would fill quicker?

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If this has been an issue since install, then whoever fitted the taps should have pointed out a potential issue with that system, and also recommend suitable taps. If you have taps that are designed for a minimum pressure of say 0.5 bar, it‘ll struggle. Do you know what the taps minimum pressure is?
I'm afraid I don't know the taps minimum pressure?
Its a rented place, and it was done a while back while I wasn't here (my partner oversaw it all)

Its only now that we are looking at the frustrating amount of time it takes to draw a bath
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Yep, I've noticed this on two of the hot taps we've had fitted recently, both are "livable" but much slower than their predecessors.

Seems most new taps are designed for modern pressurized systems, but there's an expectation that none plumbers just know this stuff (most people just pick something that looks nice, a tap's a tap, right...)
Thanks for your help

So if we were to change our bath taps what do we need to look for to get a good flow?

Any specs etc that I need to look out for to cure this?
You should inspect the supply pipes to the tapsfor restrictive isolation valves ,and flexible hoses.
Do you have a cold water storage tank in the loft that supplies the hot water cylinder ?
If the property is rented ,who chose the taps ,where they supplied by the landlord ?
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No cold water storage tank so im told, and yes the landlord and plumber did the plumbing and chose the taps.

I believe they know the problem, and like here mentioned the wrong taps used.
So if we chose some new ones to be fitted, is there a spec to look for?
i also suspect they have used 15mm pipework , when i had a refurbished bathroom , fortunately i was onsite most of the time, and i saw them drop 15mm - asked why they had gone from 22mm out the tank and the rest of house and then change to 15mm for the bathroom, which originally had 22mm - so they changed to using 22mm
I also made sure we purchased only low pressure taps

not sure how big a deal 22mm was , but in a bungalow and the hot tank in loft - so i knew we had pressure issues - as the kitchen has a cartridge tap and the hot is slower from that

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