1. N

    Wall mounted bath tap

    Hi. Bathroom project ongoing, including a wall mounted bath tap. Instructions shown in image. I am building out a stud wall 75mm from the breeze block wall, aquapanel then tiling. Wall is 1800 wide X 2400 high. Back to wall bath then going along this length. Large tiles 1200x600 standing...
  2. DannyDyer

    How do I get this tap off?

    I got this far… i think the number inside is k937a01 But Google didn’t offer much help. There’s no other screws, bolts or pieces of gum holding it on that I can find. I’ve tried pulling on it, tapping it with a hammer and asking it nicely. But this thing just won’t come off. No brand on the...
  3. J

    Using a standard shower pump for the whole house

    I have a gravity fed system which consists of a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water tank on the ground floor in an airing cupboard. The hot water pressure on the ground floor in the kitchen and toilet is decent, which is expected as the water has a longer drop from the loft. On...
  4. Y

    Tap indice won't come off

    Hi guys, I am having trouble with a tap that runs even when stopped. I know it is the cold side by using the isolator valves. I have removed the lever from the tap handle, and then unscrewed the shroud which then allowed me to access the cartridge which I unscrewed from the tap. However, I...
  5. G

    Is it worth replacing the tap insides or the tap ?

    I have a dripping shower which comes from.a mixer tap. I'm wondering what's easiest to replace the washers ? Or inner thingy ? Or replace the to whole tap, looks like they cost £50.
  6. J

    Feeding dishwasher from tap outlet kitchen. Help

    Hi Everyone We had a bit of change on the original plan and haven`t had dedicate tap for the dishwasher. I`m planning to get feeding after the isolation valve under the sink but struggling to find the right vale and connector to make it work. Idea is to keep the isolation valve for the tap in...
  7. M

    Leak on pipe going into kitchen mixer tap

    Hello, This is my first post on here, basically today one of my shelves decided to partially fall and lob a heavy casserole pan onto the top of my kitchen tap. For some reason my tap has copper pipes going straight into it and not the usual flexible hoses. The pipe has cracked and it leaking...
  8. C

    Replacing kitchen tap, what to do with existing earth bonding wires?!

    Hey guys, I'm replacing kitchen tap and the earth bonding wires are connected to the tap tails which will be replaced with the flexi hose of the new tap, so what should I now connect the bonding wires to as all the remaining pipes are plastic? I've attached a pic of what im talking about. From...
  9. S

    Where to buy 3/4" BSP quarter turn ceramic tap glands?

    Screwfix, Wickes and Toolstation only sell 1/2" glands. My old shower mixer tap is dripping, but it's 3/4". Why does nobody sell them, and what should I do? The only ones I can find from a big retailer are at City plumbing, but they're expensive and it doesn't say whether they have a 20-tooth...
  10. P

    Cannot open the tap head top cap

    Hi, I have an old tap on the bath. Please see the attached image. Recently the water pressure is very low and flow is very slow. I cleaned the aerator. It is clean. The next step is to check the washer in the cartridge. But, I cannot open the top cap of the tap. How do I remove the tap cap...
  11. M

    Hot water stops once it gets up to temperature

    This just started a day or two ago but it got really bad this morning. When I'm running the hot water in the kitchen mixer tap it cuts out once the water gets hot. In order to keep it going you have to turn it on more, but if you leave it it will turn on and off again very rapidly. What should...
  12. B

    Replacing the kitchen mixer tap

    Our kitchen tap has developed a drip which has been going on for a while. I've been looking for a replacement but have no idea if I need deck mounted, surface mounted, monobloc, etc. I'm a bit hapless at DIY, but promised the wife I would sort it out. My current tap is below If...
  13. Steve Vidler

    Broken mixer wall mounted shower tap

    Hi everyone I have a problem where the kids were messing around in the bathroom and our mixer has now come off. I've added some pics could someone please help as to putting it back on or replacing? Many thanks
  14. L

    Bathroom tap not working/Shower pump issue.

    We have low pressure so installed a shower pump for the our bathroom. The sink and bath taps and the shower run off the pump. Everything worked fine for nearly five years until the other night! My partner was in the shower and the pump stopped working. We bought a refurbed unit so thought fair...
  15. D

    Reginox tap install help

    Hi all, We will be having our worktop installed tomorrow after living without a kitchen since August! I'll be clambering under the sink to install the tap, but YouTube videos seem to all have a crescent washer and bolt so I am struggling to find instructions for a similar setup... The tap...
  16. Ivan Bogouchev

    Removing single lever kitchen tap

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new flat and would like to change the kitchen tap but have never seen before a mounting bracket as the one in the attached photo. Anyone could advise me on how to uninstall it? Also, the hex screw to remove the lever has been completely rounded so any ideas on...
  17. Cactus_flower

    Fixing hot tap - combi boiler

    Hi all. Apologies if my question is obvious to some/most! I am fumbling in the dark here. Am a new home owner, and have a leaky hot tap in the upstairs bathroom. More specifically, we have a 1901 Bristan pillar bath/shower tap, and water is leaking from the spindle on the hot tap. I can't see...
  18. D

    Cold tap low flow rate - only a trickle until 4/5 turns

    The cold tap in the bathroom basin now requires 4/5 turns before the flow is acceptable. 1 turn used to suffice. They're an old style tap similar to the picture below. We live in a hard water area if that has any significance. Any idea how this can be fixed? Thanks in advance for any help.
  19. Smileysmile

    Leak at base of tap

    Hi guys, I had a drip from my Deluxe chrome monobloc tap. I fixed it by removing the cold tap side and replacing washer. Now water is leaking from bottom of base. Shining torch at base and switching on tap you can see water leaking from the base. I've attached a photo. How do I fix this...
  20. Smileysmile

    Leak at base of tap

    Hi guys, I had a drip from my Deluxe chrome monobloc tap. I fixed it by removing the cold tap side and replacing washer. Now water is leaking from bottom of base. I've attached a photo. How do I fix this please? Thank you.