1. louisjamesbanks17

    Can someone please identify what this hose is?

    Hi I have a kitchen mixer tap which allows the top part to pull out as a hose (like american sinks). It has frayed and I need t replace it, can you please identify what type of hose this is please and thanks I've uploaded 3No. photos
  2. congresstart

    New Mixer Tap Rusting?

    Hey all, I had a hot/cold kitchen skink tap changed over to a mixer around 6 months ago, I've had to clean what looks like rust from the base of the tap almost daily. I've attached an image below. Is this likely to be the tap or something within the pipe system at fault?
  3. R

    Any ideas how to fix this leaky tap and what the part is called?

    We have a sink tap where the rubber washer between it and the sink has degraded and causes a slight leak into the cupboard below. All very straightforward so far. But since that started, the tap can be twisted left or right and water is ALSO definitely leaking from the nut in picture 2. This...
  4. D

    Taps - spline tooth count and diameter

    I recently bought a couple of ceramic tap cartridges for my basin taps - went for type "CC2". Although I was careful to get most measurements correct, I didn't notice that the spline section is a larger diameter than before - gone from a 20-spline 7.6mm to 20-spline 8.8mm, so of course my lever...
  5. B

    Is it possible to adjust water flow using these screws?

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new house. The previous owner said that he had asked for the hot water flow to be reduced from the tap, as he once let a bath overflow and didn’t want to repeat this. I can only see one isolation value which is fully open. Is there any way to adjust flow using...
  6. C

    Tightening up an old Tap

    Hi All, I wonder if you lovely people could help me, we have an old tap on the bathroom sink and when you turn it on it becomes really wobbly and loose in your hand. I've included a picture to show the faulty tap. In my experiences of taps in the past, I assumed that the white bit on the top...
  7. C

    Replace outside tap

    Hi I want to replace my outside tap and pipework as the old one doesn't have a Double check valve (inside or out). I have purchased A DCV and isolator, but do I need a drain-cock on the inside? also is it - isolation valve then DCV?
  8. W

    Mixer tap (Frontline Espada) spout snapped from body

    Hi all, I have a Frontline Espada bath/shower mixer tap (2yrs old). The spout has snapped off ("it just snapped" said my son!) and I can't immediately see how to fix it - everything is still in good nick and I'm hoping there's just some sort of spare part I can use to reconnect the spout to the...
  9. D

    Replacing old designs of taps with new

    Hi. I have an old house with a number of old taps I am hoping to replace with newer designs. None of the taps currently have flexi tails or isolation valves, but I can turn the water off upstream. I haven't changed a tap before (though have done some plumbing), so for each I am looking for...
  10. MattSawyer

    Newbuild - Outdoor Tap Location

    Hi All, First time poster on DIYnot :) I've recently purchased a newbuild home and have an issue with the outdoor tap. I'm unsure where I stand in terms of regulations and whether the developer is obligated to solve the issue detailed below. Any guidance you guys have would be super...
  11. D

    How do I open up this old kitchen mixer tap?

    Hi, I have an old kitchen mixer tap which has gradually deteriorated - it is now quite clunky and takes a lot of force to fully close it. I want to leave the plumbing alone if possible (so not replace the whole tap). However, firstly I can't see how to open it up - I can't see a cap to pop...
  12. R

    Tap Flexi with Male End - Adaptor/Connector?

    Trying to replace a Bristan basin mixer tap - bought a new one which has the usual screw-in-at tap-end tails with the captive spinning nut on the end. When I came to remove the old one, the pipe connections appear to be compression fittings, and I can’t reuse the existing tails because they’re...
  13. S

    Damaged mixer tap - should I fix or replace?

    Hi all, I have an old mixer tap. A nut around the central spout has a chunk missing from it, but I've been ignoring that since the tap will be replaced when the whole kitchen is refitted in a few months. However, when turning the spout today I felt something 'give', and it bent at a slight...
  14. JD2012

    Kitchen Mixer Tap Problem

    I have a problem with the Mixer Tap in my Kitchen. The Cold Tap seems to be slipping and won't turn off with a single turn. Is this just a washer that needs replacing or do I need a whole new tap? If its just a washer how do I open the tap? I have done this years ago but forgot what I did lol...
  15. M

    How do I change the washer in this tap?

    I've managed to get this far but now I don't know what to do next. This tap has been getting increasingly hard to turn off all the way so I'm trying to change the washer. I'm sure I've done it before but now I can't figure out how to take it the rest of the way apart to get to the washer...
  16. B

    Hot Water Bath Tap extremely slow? - Gravity fed

    Ok so we have had a new Bathroom about a year ago, and the bath Hot water tap (and the bathroom sink tap) are really slow. We have to put the bath on with hot water, 45 mins before to get it to fill as its so slow. I am told its gravity fed from the water tank which is on the same floor and in...
  17. J

    Outdoor tap (old style) has leak - How to open and repair?

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of guidance. DIY novice here, so please excuse me for using the wrong terminology to describe stuff : ) I have an old outdoor tap which constantly drips (see pic) from the tap spout. It's an old tap (see pic) and I'm wondering how I would stop the dripping. - I've...
  18. N

    Wall mounted bath tap

    Hi. Bathroom project ongoing, including a wall mounted bath tap. Instructions shown in image. I am building out a stud wall 75mm from the breeze block wall, aquapanel then tiling. Wall is 1800 wide X 2400 high. Back to wall bath then going along this length. Large tiles 1200x600 standing...
  19. DannyDyer

    How do I get this tap off?

    I got this far… i think the number inside is k937a01 But Google didn’t offer much help. There’s no other screws, bolts or pieces of gum holding it on that I can find. I’ve tried pulling on it, tapping it with a hammer and asking it nicely. But this thing just won’t come off. No brand on the...
  20. J

    Using a standard shower pump for the whole house

    I have a gravity fed system which consists of a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water tank on the ground floor in an airing cupboard. The hot water pressure on the ground floor in the kitchen and toilet is decent, which is expected as the water has a longer drop from the loft. On...