Tap Flexi with Male End - Adaptor/Connector?

6 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Trying to replace a Bristan basin mixer tap - bought a new one which has the usual screw-in-at tap-end tails with the captive spinning nut on the end. When I came to remove the old one, the pipe connections appear to be compression fittings, and I can’t reuse the existing tails because they’re fixed to the tap head (pictures attached).

Can someone tell me what I need to buy to attach the new standard tails to the pipe ends?


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OK, bought Speedfit flexis, but they’re going to be too short after I have to cut the poly pipe behind the damage from the existing compression olives…

Do male-end flexi tails exist?

Take your pick what size you need
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Revisiting this - (finally) got around to fitting the replacement tap today, but the tails fit slightly deeper into the body of the new one. This means the new 300mm flexis are around 20- 25mm too short to fit onto the plastic water pipes with the compression fittings; I would just chop the ends off and use a different connector, but I have very little accessible pipe length without having to dismantle the entire WC/basin unit.

Do 350-400mm compression tails exist, or should I try to find a compression-to-male adapter to connect to the female captive-nut tails the tap came with?
Fit a straight compression coupler onto existing pipe ,and a tap tail adaptor into the coupler. The female end of the Flexi screws onto the tap tail adaptor.
Tap tail adaptors are available in two thread sizes ,yours looks like 1/2 inch BSP thread
Good practice and makes it easier the next time around if you fit ISO valves on them and you can reuse the nuts and olives that are there. Couple of valves and flatten down the end that the flexi's will be connected too. Lie a piece of 80grit sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the end of the valve on that until there a flat edge for the flexy seal to sit on, they're brass so it rubs down really easily.
That would do ,but it may not be quite long enough . The tap tail adaptor and straight coupler would be a bit longer.
Thanks -that makes perfect sense (now I’ve realised what the tail adaptors are for).

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