1. R

    Tap Flexi with Male End - Adaptor/Connector?

    Trying to replace a Bristan basin mixer tap - bought a new one which has the usual screw-in-at tap-end tails with the captive spinning nut on the end. When I came to remove the old one, the pipe connections appear to be compression fittings, and I can’t reuse the existing tails because they’re...
  2. B

    Help -Installing a toilet/basin combo with only a cold feed?

    Hi all Looking to replace my old toilet with a toilet/basin combo. I’ve fitted a few toilets and basins separately but never a combo? I’m looking at this combo pack as it comes with a monobloc tap but I’m baffled as to how the tap gets its feed as the tail/s must go into the cistern...
  3. D

    Do the olives in rad trvs restrict the flow much when crimping them up?

    I have some 8mm tails that need extending to the rad. Would it be of any benefit if I continued them to the rad valves with 10mm?
  4. D

    Height of mirror light?

    What height would you generally have the 1.5mm tail sticking out of the plaster? What length tail should be ok? What are the considerations.. Thank you, Dain
  5. eveares

    Dangerous Henley Block!?

    Just noticed this on my Henley block between my meter and my consumer unit. Tails on left are to consumer unit, tails on right are to electricity meter. I am unsure if the tails have worked lose over time due to never being tightened up properly in the first place or this has always been like...
  6. S

    What type of couplers are these?

    Hi, Probably a numpty question, but can anybody tell me what sort of connection or coupling is pictured below please. Background is, I've had to replace a leaking handbasin mixer tap in my downstairs WC. The new tap comes with a fixing kit and flexi tails. I'm planning on using a pipe...
  7. D

    Gas bonding my relocated meter

    Where is the bonding cable to be attached to the gas pipe now that the gas meter has been moved? The old bonding was attached to a forged steel 90% elbow on the top of the meter but the new meter has 22mm copper going in to the meter top. You can see where the olde worlde fuse box was sited and...
  8. D

    Meter move - is it writ in stone that homeowner needs his/her own electrician on the day?

    It is not the case that the homeowner needs their own electrician present on the the day that the team arrive to relocate the meter. It appears that there is a certain discretion allowable.
  9. D

    Is this dangerous? Connector blocks below sink.

    A contractor removed a fuse box from the bathroom and put a CU in the kitchen above, see image of connection blocks between original tails and new cables to the new CU, and their position directly below the sink bowl as defined by tap upstands and various waste water pipes. Electrician says that...
  10. J

    Replace Imperial radiator with shorter metric - what fitting?

    How do I connect a 15mm pipe to a 1" diameter male "O" ring type fitting? See photo. I am replacing an Imperial radiator in a single pipe system with a metric one which is quite a bit shorter. I have bought a 1/2" Danfoss Randall RA-G Single Pipe TRV Body which comes with a chrome fitting...