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    Difficulty removing flow control handle on Bristan shower

    Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some tips / assistance with this issue. I have been attempting to take apart my shower unit to try and replace / service the cartridge inside and i am encountering a few problems taking it apart. I have managed to get the outer temperature control handle...
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    Tap Flexi with Male End - Adaptor/Connector?

    Trying to replace a Bristan basin mixer tap - bought a new one which has the usual screw-in-at tap-end tails with the captive spinning nut on the end. When I came to remove the old one, the pipe connections appear to be compression fittings, and I can’t reuse the existing tails because they’re...
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    Bristan 1901 taps - few months after fitting are dripping, fixes? alternatives?

    Hi all, I recently switched out the originally installed Bristan 1901 taps (which were probably as old as the house - 20 odd years) with some newer versions as they had started to make awful noise when used and started to stick, all went well enough and the new taps worked fine (although the...
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    Bristan Shower issue

    Hi All. We have a Bristan Shower in our en-suit which over the last year or so has become more and more difficult to turn off. When new, the water shut off with the handle at the 12 o'clock position but now you have to turn it, quite forcibly, to about the 2 o'clock position to get it off...
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    Exposed shower valve - 22mm inlets?

    Need a bit of help replacing an old leaking exposed shower valve, specifically finding something to replace it with. It's a round type of valve (old Bristan Pisa) rather than a bar-shaped valve, see attached pic. The inlet pipe centres appear to be about 155mm. I bought a new valve before...
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    Bristan mixer - scalding or freezing. Botched installation?

    Hi folks. So I'm thinking the hot and cold feeds have been plumbed in the wrong way round on this Bristan mixer. (Combi boiler installation.) I'm no plumber, but as I understand it, hot should go in on the left (i.e. the bottom feed in the photos) and cold in on the right. If that's the case...
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    Jammed Bristan Thermostatic Cartridge

    Hello all I have searched these forums and youtube etc but cannot find anything.. Background: Shower is luke warm (HW to other places is fine) Shower is about 8 years old and we live in a hard water area so I think thermostatic cartridge may be crudded, Can't identify the exact shower type but...