Remove square bath with taps against far wall

31 Aug 2023
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United Kingdom
We are looking to remove our square bath after purchasing a new property. The taps are against the far wall so we can't see if there is any isolating valves or get to the other side to see them. We don't want to go through the bedroom wall to access the pipes if we can avoid. Does anyone know how we can remove the bath? Can we cut the pipes the side nearest us and cap them off to remove the bath?


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As it's a new (to you) property make sure the stopcock really works - my first one the stopcock passed some water and I only found out after removing similar pipework and coming back upstairs to a puddle. One of the pipes will be for hot water so depending on your system you might need to close a valve from the cylinder otherwise you'll get a LOT of water out.

Cut the pipes with a pipe slice and pull the whole lot out together, as above.

Use push-fit stop ends to cap off the pipes until you're ready to refit so you can turn the water back on.

Really there should've been accessible isolation valves but a lot of the time people don't bother.
Usually with these setups, if there's no obvious access through the wall then the bath feeds would be on plastic pipes, that will allow the bath to be pulled out to give access to the back and under to the bath tap. Either that or the taps can be taken off from the top.

Though looking at it it looks like copper all the way, they must have attached the pipework to the taps then fitted the bath and linked up the pipe after, nutters ..... :ROFLMAO:

Water off and test at the bath taps, then tub/tray ready at the cutting site and go slowly until just starting the go through the pipe and water starts to appear (may spray to start with), stop cutting at that point and then let it drain into the tub until the water stops, then finish cutting through.
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