1. J

    Rotating toilet soil pipe exit to other direction

    We’re thinking of having the door to our extension in the blue shaded area - which passes through the existing SVP. How easy is it to rotate the exit pipes for the two toilets to go the other direction to join to a relocated SVP (proposed pipes shown in red). Could this work all be done...
  2. G

    What are these weird ugly pipes on wall?

    We moved from a newbuild flat into a Victorian fixer upper and there are pipes running along the walls. Example attached - first pipe running from bottom of staircase to right by front door. Second running along kitchen wall. Wondering what they are and if there’s anything we can do to hide...
  3. C

    Remove square bath with taps against far wall

    Hi, We are looking to remove our square bath after purchasing a new property. The taps are against the far wall so we can't see if there is any isolating valves or get to the other side to see them. We don't want to go through the bedroom wall to access the pipes if we can avoid. Does anyone...
  4. L

    Chatsworth Tap - Victorian Plumbing

    I just brought the Chatsworth Tao with the three holes - and have found the section under the sink to be really tricky. Why do the pipes / bolts not line up? How do I connect pipes? Is there a special pipe to connect. Can you help.
  5. T

    Internal wall crumbling, pipe behind wall has turned green but is not wet. Ideas?

    The top corner of my kitchen wall started to crumble a bit. I used a paper scraper to remove it. There is a radiator/water pipe behind this section of wall. The pipes have turned green but are not wet. In fact, nothing there appears to be wet, but that corner of wall is almost dust now. I have...
  6. N

    Can you tell me what these old pipes are for?

    Hello! I've recently purchased a tenement flat which has a bookshelf/storage area built-in where the press would have been in the kitchen. I want it removed as it's just horrible; the wood panelling is off-centre and there's an odd protruding storage area at the top. Nothing about it is hanging...
  7. CCoomber

    Cable and pipe management for concrete floor conversion

    Hi I am currently considering converting my ground floor (suspended timber) into a solid insulated concrete floor for UF heating. The depth from the top of the joists to the bottom of the void (concrete) is 10" I already have a plan to tackle most of the conversion but I'm unsure about what to...
  8. S

    Cutting into concrete floor - cables and pipes etc

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this under, but my problem is to do with installing underground soil pipes which I guess is a builder's job. I am installing a new ground floor toilet that is located several metres from the existing foul water drain, and the new toilet will also be in the...
  9. R

    Whats this?

    Hi guys I know this is for the old heating system I've now got a combi boiler but what is it called amd what was or is its function?
  10. S

    Do I need the pipes replacing? Or just a clean?

    It’s not my house but my friend is doing some renovation, she mentioned it to me but she doesn’t know if to get someone out or not to look at it? It’s not owned by her but her landlord doesn’t have time to check and tell her but the she thinks they may be getting too hot and that’s why there’s...
  11. F

    New vanity unit - big holes around pipes

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct sub forum, but we've had a new vanity unit and basin installed in our WC. The fitter has left 4 gaping holes around the pipes in the wall. Who would I need to call to get these covered as much as possible. This is currently a big risk and an invitation for...
  12. J

    Pipes under the bath disconnected

    Good evening, Water started gushing from above a ceiling hatch which is beneath my bath. As the picture shows, it looks like a pipe has come disconnected from another. I have tried putting the black pipe back inside the white pipe but it doesn't stay fixed, turning the collar doesn't appear to...
  13. R

    Bulky pipe under sink

    Hello everyone, We will be installing a new kitchen and would like to simplify somehow the piping under the sink (see attached pic for what we currently have). The brass pipe in the pic controls the water in the house and also an outdoor tap, but it's very bulky and takes up most of the space...
  14. J

    Unidentified pipe in kitchen floor

    Hi guys, wondering if you could help, we had really bad issues with builders when we knocked down a wall which was cupboards and they rebuilt it. Now we have said we will do it ourselves but where the cupboard was there is a hole in the floor with a pipe coming through and we have no clue what...
  15. L

    New Build - Pipe noise - Hot Water

    We’ve heard a loud noise from the pipe work above the living room recently like a tapping when the hot water comes on. Sound file https://sndup.net/7z8c Is this normal?
  16. H

    How do I hide these pipes from the stove?

    I'm only concerned with covering them nearest to the wall because obviously I can't cover the stove. There are high up on the left side and then low down on the right. It's a really old and wide chimney that arches at the top so I'm worried brick work would look weird and also come out too far...
  17. norbellini

    Help with routing pipework for mixer shower

    I want to install a mixer shower ( mira atom) I need advice on the best way to tackle it see photos I dont really want to remove any tiles if possible because they are stuck onto lath and plaster I have some room under the bath as can be seen but which way to route the hot and cold (n) any...
  18. George Hartshorn

    Underfloor heating advice

    I'm undergoing a renovation project and looking at installing some underfloor heating. It is a lower ground floor flat with a concrete slab for a floor. It's approx 50sqm and consists of a open plan kitchen/living room and a large bedroom. The current central heating system pipes are copper...
  19. Beneop

    Hissing from cold water pipe when hot taps opened

    Hi, ever since I had a new condesing boiler fiited, whenever I run the hot water tap in my kitchen or bathroom I start to hear hissing coming from a cold water pipe. This pipe runs from the attic, straight down through the floor of the airing cupboard and the noise sounds like it's in the pipe...
  20. L

    Big Refurb - Should I convert to sealed system

    Hi, About to embark on a refurb of the house including extension and wanted to get some views from you guys:- + Would you recommend moving to a sealed system (assuming budget is ok)? + If moving to a sealed system do i need to re-pipe the house? Is there a way to test the current pipes can...