1. R

    Whats this?

    Hi guys I know this is for the old heating system I've now got a combi boiler but what is it called amd what was or is its function?
  2. S

    Do I need the pipes replacing? Or just a clean?

    It’s not my house but my friend is doing some renovation, she mentioned it to me but she doesn’t know if to get someone out or not to look at it? It’s not owned by her but her landlord doesn’t have time to check and tell her but the she thinks they may be getting too hot and that’s why there’s...
  3. F

    New vanity unit - big holes around pipes

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct sub forum, but we've had a new vanity unit and basin installed in our WC. The fitter has left 4 gaping holes around the pipes in the wall. Who would I need to call to get these covered as much as possible. This is currently a big risk and an invitation for...
  4. J

    Pipes under the bath disconnected

    Good evening, Water started gushing from above a ceiling hatch which is beneath my bath. As the picture shows, it looks like a pipe has come disconnected from another. I have tried putting the black pipe back inside the white pipe but it doesn't stay fixed, turning the collar doesn't appear to...
  5. R

    Bulky pipe under sink

    Hello everyone, We will be installing a new kitchen and would like to simplify somehow the piping under the sink (see attached pic for what we currently have). The brass pipe in the pic controls the water in the house and also an outdoor tap, but it's very bulky and takes up most of the space...
  6. J

    Unidentified pipe in kitchen floor

    Hi guys, wondering if you could help, we had really bad issues with builders when we knocked down a wall which was cupboards and they rebuilt it. Now we have said we will do it ourselves but where the cupboard was there is a hole in the floor with a pipe coming through and we have no clue what...
  7. L

    New Build - Pipe noise - Hot Water

    We’ve heard a loud noise from the pipe work above the living room recently like a tapping when the hot water comes on. Sound file https://sndup.net/7z8c Is this normal?
  8. H

    How do I hide these pipes from the stove?

    I'm only concerned with covering them nearest to the wall because obviously I can't cover the stove. There are high up on the left side and then low down on the right. It's a really old and wide chimney that arches at the top so I'm worried brick work would look weird and also come out too far...
  9. norbellini

    Help with routing pipework for mixer shower

    I want to install a mixer shower ( mira atom) I need advice on the best way to tackle it see photos I dont really want to remove any tiles if possible because they are stuck onto lath and plaster I have some room under the bath as can be seen but which way to route the hot and cold (n) any...
  10. George Hartshorn

    Underfloor heating advice

    I'm undergoing a renovation project and looking at installing some underfloor heating. It is a lower ground floor flat with a concrete slab for a floor. It's approx 50sqm and consists of a open plan kitchen/living room and a large bedroom. The current central heating system pipes are copper...
  11. Beneop

    Hissing from cold water pipe when hot taps opened

    Hi, ever since I had a new condesing boiler fiited, whenever I run the hot water tap in my kitchen or bathroom I start to hear hissing coming from a cold water pipe. This pipe runs from the attic, straight down through the floor of the airing cupboard and the noise sounds like it's in the pipe...
  12. L

    Big Refurb - Should I convert to sealed system

    Hi, About to embark on a refurb of the house including extension and wanted to get some views from you guys:- + Would you recommend moving to a sealed system (assuming budget is ok)? + If moving to a sealed system do i need to re-pipe the house? Is there a way to test the current pipes can...
  13. R

    Hanging a heavy radiator?

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a new build house. I’m looking to change a standard double panel 600mm x 600mm radiator to a vertical radiator which is 1800mm x 480 mm. The vertical radiator weighs around 45-50kg before water. I think the current one is probably only 20kg before water. The current...
  14. L

    Is the kitchen waste outlet pipe too high?

    Hi, I've just moved onto a new place and the wager drainage is very slow. Underneath the sink, it looks like the water has to push a lot of water above it to get out. It goes down from the sink, then into a u bend before going upwards through a flexible pipe to the outside. Is this too far to...
  15. EHadenham

    Old pipes

    I recently moved in to an old pre-fab house with my partner and am looking to freshen up our built in wardrobes. As you can see from the pictures attached there’s a lot of pipe work either protruding or running through them. I’m a complete DIY novice so apologies in advance for any stupid...
  16. J

    Speedfit BPEX or Speedfit Polybutylene

    Hello all, I plan to move my radiator to the other side of the room and existing piping is in speedfit under the floor. When looking to buy additional pipe I am presented with two options. Which one would the better choice and why? The Polybutylene is the layflat version is that easier to...
  17. I

    Dishwasher installation help needed. which Y piece etc

    Hi, I'm after a bit of advice before installing a new dishwasher. - Is this the Y piece I need for the waste water? https://www.screwfix.com/p/washing-machine-y-piece/81000 Lots of people are saying it leaks. Is there an alternative? - Do you use any sort of solvent cement or something for...
  18. R

    Protecting Radiator and Piping from freezing in conservatory

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help me. I recently bought a house which has a radiator in the conservatory. It's an old style conservatory so the temperature drops quickly. I have sectioned off the kitchen (as doors were removed) using a heavy curtain. The kitchen now retains heat...
  19. D

    Biasi Riva Advance 32 pump whine

    No really apparent close to the boier, but the noise comes from the pipes and rads all over the house. Is it possible to alter the speed of the pump and get rid of the noise that way? Or is it just what they do? I remember other pumps making a noise but they were a low, deeper hum, this noise...
  20. R

    Tips for laying 20mm UFH pipes?

    Hi Anyone got any tips for laying our 20mm PE-RT underfloor heating pipes into aluminium spreader plates (200 mm centres)? Specifically I'm after advice on how to get the pipe to be more flexible. The pipe is really stiff and very difficult to get it to fit around the bends. I'm going to try...