1. A

    cutting a shower door

    Hi, I have a small space (1200x2800) for a bathroom. the back of the room (on the external wall) will be taken up with a shower and shower screen (The ones with the left side static and the right side slides open). I need to get the waste pipe from the toilet through the external wall to connect...
  2. B

    bath/shower screen drop

    Hi, I had a new bath/shower installed and recently noticed that I can no longer open the bath/shower screen outward (I often just step around it anyway).. I noticed that the glass screen appears to have dropped lower so it is blocked from opening by the metal frame attached to the bath. On...
  3. B

    blistering on bathroom wall

    Hi, I recently had my bathroom renovated and in the past month or two I've noticed the wall appears to be blistering quite badly. Initially it was minor but it has gotten worse in recent weeks. The blistering is happening in just one place... by the side of the bath with overhead shower (with...
  4. Greg_0ry1

    Traditional Bathroom Radiator

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a brand new Traditional Bathroom radiator (Seen in my attached image) but the amount available online is mind blowing so was hoping someone could give me good advice what is a good brand and what should I avoid. Here the criteria: 1. Measurement around 600mmx900mm...
  5. Norfolk Broad

    Replacement bathroom extractor fan

    Hello again, everyone. It's been a while, but I have my next project that I would appreciate some input, please. Background: - First floor flat, with access to loft space. - Internal shower room with no window, no external walls. - Existing Manrose extractor fan is located in the ceiling above...
  6. bathroom-extractor-02.png


    bathroom extractor fan part 2
  7. bathroom-extractor-01.png


    Bathroom extractor fan, part 1
  8. T

    Hobson's Choice

    Hi folks, I’m facing an issue and I’d appreciate your help. I have a conventional (gravity fed) central heating system with a water tank in the loft, a hot water cylinder and a diverter valve in an airing cupboard. My issue concerns my bathroom radiator and when it gets hot. It’s like this...
  9. P

    Are you allowed to have an appliance plugged into a socket in another room permanently? Ie. Alexa in bathroom, socket in loft?

    Hiya, after some guidance, please :-) Would it be ok with building regs to put an Alexa in zone 3 of the bathroom if she's in a hole, high up on the wall, behind a grill that is screwed on to the wall and can't be taken off the wall without a screwdriver? The plan is to have the alexa wire...
  10. J

    Bathroom extractor pipe

    Please help, I’m borderline going crazy with this. We had a leak from the pipe that connects the en-suite bathroom pipe to the ceiling extractor fan. No tradesperson seems to want to touch the job and I don’t know which trade is even the night one. Iv had plumbers, electricians and even just a...
  11. L

    Brown liquid from extractor fan, unable to insulate duct - help!

    As winter months have hit, our extractor fan has begun splurting out brown liquid. We have put this down to condensation. Unfortunately the duct runs up through the loft, and our loft space is fully insulated with no walking space, so we're not really able to insulate it. Also, it goes up...
  12. AdFromEssex

    Why the new cold water feed??

    Me again! Can anyone enlighten me as to why the existing cold water feed was not used for the sink and electric shower but instead this copper-in-to-plastic-pipe setup instead? Sorry, I’ve cut most of the plastic pipe off in this photo, but the copper pipe with the plastic elbows runs all the...
  13. R

    How to repair bathroom wall?

    I moved the bathroom door frame which meant I need to build out part of the bathroom wall to be level to the frame. I’m thinking of renovating the bathroom soon - is it worth going ahead and overboarding the existing plasterboard with additional standard 9mm board to bring it flush to the frame...
  14. ritchieee

    Bathroom floor paint that is durable and at least water resistant

    Hello all, been a while. I'm looking for a floor paint for wooden floors that are in a bathroom. Something that is durable and can withstand drops of water. We have old floor boards in our bathroom which, about seven years ago, we painted with Ronseal Diamond Hard floor paint. I followed the...
  15. N

    Isolation valve help

    Hi I am trying to turn the water off under the bathroom sink with an isolation valve. My isolation valve seems to have 2 slots - which one is it - I don’t seem to be able to turn the small one but I’m sure the big one isn’t a valve anyway.. help!!
  16. A

    Vaulted Ceiling Insulation and downlights

    I'm hoping someone can shed some clear light on this topic. Theres lots of discussion online but seems to be very much a grey area with no clear answer. We've had approval to build a new ensuite in the master bedroom. Part of the ceiling is sloped/vaulted with no insulation. As part of the...
  17. S

    Bathroom floor re-build - levelling and sub-floor material?

    I've just ripped out the 1st floor bathroom in my 1920's terraced house in the UK which invovled replacing a floor joist that had rotten at the end. It sits in the brick wall at either end so I've been able to level that and get it to the height of the neighbouring joist by packing slate...
  18. S

    Where to start with re-doing my bathroom?

    Bit of background... 1920's mid-terraced house in the UK I have purchased as my new home, needs complete renovation and upgrading. Construction wise, it's got cavity walls, single brick between neighbouring houses. Bathroom had previous long-term leaks which caused rot in one of the joists, so I...
  19. D

    Bathroom through-wall extract fan

    Apologies, if not the correct forum but couldn’t find one more appropriate, I am replacing our 4” extract bathroom and notice that both the original and new fans don’t fit flush onto the tiles because they fit into a downwards facing pipe fitted through the wall. I had considered using flexible...
  20. D

    Replacing old bathroom wallpaper with paint

    The bathroom is half-tiled, half-wallpapered. However, it's been maybe 30 years, and the wallpaper is in bad shape. I would like to sort it out myself. I think painting would be easier than papering or tiling. However, I'm not sure exactly what I need to do to get it into a paintable state. As...