1. S

    Why do Victorian/Edwardian terraces commonly have sunken bathrooms?

    Hello everyone, I'm in the early stages of planning a kitchen extension to the back of my Edwardian mid-terraced house, which will inevitably impact the bathroom above it. The floor of my bathroom is sunken - ie there are two steps down from the door to the bathroom floor. In the course of my...
  2. B

    Dry rot identfication and treatment

    We are having the upstairs bathroom redone in our Victorian terrace. During the stripping back, a large chunk of plaster fell from one of the outside walls. It revealed what we initially thought were plant roots that had been growing in a cavity where the plaster had come away. We're now having...
  3. V

    Bathroom pipes location help needed

    Hi, I have recently moved house and I want to screw in a large set of bookcases into my bedroom wall. The problem is that through the wall is the bathroom and I am worried about hitting any pipes. I dont have any family members to ask for advice and so I thought I would ask here to make sure. As...
  4. LauraOwen

    Crumbling brick/plasterboard behind leaking shower

    Hi Recently our bathroom shower has been leaking water into the hallway below (just a tiny bit of water randomly not everytime we shower). This happened over a year ago and we had a guy redo the sealant and it stopped. Today I finally got round to redoing the sealant. But as I started to remove...
  5. S

    Painted bathroom walls - Tape and joint or plaster?

    Hello I’m rebuilding old stud walls in my bathroom, which will then be painted. I’m wondering if I need to plaster them, or I can paint straight on tape and jointed moisture resistant plaster board? If so, is there any special compound or tape I need to use? Or is there another way? Thanks
  6. M

    Squeaky floorboards under a tiled bathroom floor?!

    I have a 1933 house and had a new bathroom put in several years ago. It's been fine up until a while ago when I noticed a creaking sound when standing in the bath. Lately there's a couple areas on the tiled floor where it sounds like you're standing on a squeaky floor board and I can feel slight...
  7. F

    Re-jigging part of bathroom - considerations

    In view of the problems we've already had with the bathroom in the house we moved into last year, we're considering a partial re-jigging of the bathroom - refitting the bath and shower. The house is a fairly typical 3-bed layout upstairs: two large bedrooms along the party wall; a smaller...
  8. D

    SOLVED Old extractor fan has TNL; new only has NL

    Hi everyone! I’m replacing a broken extractor fan. It has three wires - T, N and L I understand this is because the old fan had a timer. My new fan only has N and L as it doesn’t have a timer. Do I need to: A) Put the mains N to the fan N and mains L to fan L, THEN put the mains T wire in...
  9. A

    Hinge detached from mirrored cabinet door

    Hi there, I have an inbuilt bathroom cabinet / shelving with a mirrored door. When I opened it the other day, the bottom hinge detached from the mirror. The other two are quite secure but also the door appears to have dropped slightly since. I’m unsure how best to reattach it. I think I will...
  10. A

    Ensuite plumbing

    Hi all Our house currently has one bathroom, with the soil pipe directly next to it. We are hoping to create a small ensuite in the largest bedroom (toilet, shower, sink). The challenge is that this is on the opposite side of the house to where the existing soil pipe is. I'm not sure whether...
  11. GAC

    Insulating between between rafters above bathroom

    Heya, I want to insulate the ceiling in the bathroom, which is also the roof at the top of the building. Wondering what's the best option or if there's any special considerations for this scenario? Does there need to be a vapour barrier? (or use foil backed plasterboard?) The rafters are 100mm...
  12. ILDW

    Bathroom stud wall gap from external no-fines wall

    Hey all, Currently undertaking a complete bathroom renovation, stripping everything back and starting from the bottom up. It's an older wimpy no-fines house so the walls/structure isn't the typical brick or blockworks. The plan is to take down all of the plasterboard walls (the horrific...
  13. scotmil

    Prepping bathroom walls for tiling

    Im about to rip out my bathroom for a new install. I dont know the state of the walls prior to removing as theres tile on tile. Preferably i would like to remove everything back to brickwork and start from scratch. Im looking for best way to prep walls and floor for tiling on both. Walls- am...
  14. eveares

    Shaver Socket with USB Charging points?

    So many would likley have seen you can buy shaver sockets that include built in USB charging sockets. Question is, when such a shaver socket is certified to EN 61558, does that certification apply to the whole unit with USB sockets (and thus suitable for use in zone 2 in a bathroom) or only the...
  15. J

    Replacing bathroom pull switch L1-L4 + Earth

    I'm looking to relace a bathroom pull switch that currently powers a ceiling light and extractor fan. Not entirely what type of pull switch it is, as it seems to have L1-L4 + earth: Can anyone advise as to what type of switch this is, and/or which is best for the above solution? Thanks.
  16. J

    Help with waterproofing tile gaps please!

    Help! How do I rectify this gap under my bathroom sink so it’s waterproof? Jon
  17. M

    Tile coming off a few months after installation, plus some cracks

    I had my bathroom tiled over the summer. A week before Christmas I noticed that one of the tiles by the bath is loose, and a couple of tiles have hairline cracks. Of course the tiler did not respond to my attempts to contact him so I need to fix it myself. The tiler grouted between the bath...
  18. D

    Bowed Stone Resin Shower Trays

    I am currently doing a bathroom renovation and decided on fitting a Merlyn Level 25 stone resin shower tray. In the instructions, the first thing they get you to do is check that there isn't an excessive bow on all four sides. They do this by getting you to prop up the tray on four blocks of...
  19. J

    Damp? In the bathroom

    I’m not sure what is causing this issue. There is what seems to be damp to the side of the tiles above the door frame in the bathroom. I’ve taken part of the plasterboard off each side and even been in the loft above to find any signs of water, but nothing! It’s dry every time. I’ve painted...
  20. Rob broom

    Bathroom plasterboard suggestions please.

    Hi. Quick question about bathrooms and tiling! I am currently working on the walls of a new bathroom! I will use moisture resistant plasterboard in the ceiling and tile backer boards on the stud walls! I would like to dot n dab a 40mm insulated plasterboard against a block wall. Can I use...