1. S

    Where to start with re-doing my bathroom?

    Bit of background... 1920's mid-terraced house in the UK I have purchased as my new home, needs complete renovation and upgrading. Construction wise, it's got cavity walls, single brick between neighbouring houses. Bathroom had previous long-term leaks which caused rot in one of the joists, so I...
  2. D

    Bathroom through-wall extract fan

    Apologies, if not the correct forum but couldn’t find one more appropriate, I am replacing our 4” extract bathroom and notice that both the original and new fans don’t fit flush onto the tiles because they fit into a downwards facing pipe fitted through the wall. I had considered using flexible...
  3. D

    Replacing old bathroom wallpaper with paint

    The bathroom is half-tiled, half-wallpapered. However, it's been maybe 30 years, and the wallpaper is in bad shape. I would like to sort it out myself. I think painting would be easier than papering or tiling. However, I'm not sure exactly what I need to do to get it into a paintable state. As...
  4. C

    Vinyl Click ‐ Under or around shower tray?

    So, I've (hopefully) just about finished the plumbing in my bathroom renovation and it's almost time to reinstall the floor. I understand that when tiling, best practice is to tile the entire area and then locate the shower tray on top of the tiles, but what is the best solution for vinyl click...
  5. T

    Re-painting Bathroom ceiling (flaking paint)

    Hi all, Some of the paint of my bathroom ceiling has started to flake off, so I figure that's a useful prompt as any to re-do it. Just a quick few queries - would it be okay to remove the flaking paint, and then paint over the whole ceiling again (with Dulux Easycare, or similar) or do...
  6. R

    Toilet problems!

    So I am hoping someone can help me with this? We are currently renting our home and the landlord wants to sell it, so we are looking at problems the house has and trying to figure costs etc… to see if it’s worth our time and money. So… the toilet in the bathroom is on a stud wall with the...
  7. F

    Bathroom; where skim meets tile

    Hi all, Would just like to run my plan of attack for my new upstairs shower room past some people with experience! I've trawled the internet and think I've came up with the right order for doing things. Any info or advice is more than welcome! Shower room has vapour board around all...
  8. X

    IP rated bathroom lightswitch

    Possibly a dumb question, but is is compliant to put an IP rated lightswitch in a bathroom, e.g. IP66 outdoor lightswitch? Presumably the issue is condensation rather than wet hands or splashing? Are IP rated lightswitches condensation proof? Presumably pull cord switches are not condensation...
  9. Z

    Bathroom extractor fan broken

    Hi All, Just moved into my first house and the extractor fan in the bathroom looks like its seen better days. I'm afraid to turn it in because of that loose wire. Does this look like something that can be easily fixed or do I need to call out an electrician? Any advice would be much...
  10. T

    What grout to buy for bathroom renovation?

    Hi, we are renovating our family bathroom and the tiler is currently fitting tiles on both floor and walls. I now need to buy the grout for the tiler. Our tile joints are 2-3mm. He said to just go to Topps Tiles and buy their grouting as it is good. But I wanted to see if that's actually good...
  11. K

    Glass Air Vent - Replace

    I have an air vent on a glass in the bathroom and I need to have it replaced. (picture attached). Can someone help me understand what this is called and what the best place is to buy one like for like?
  12. N

    Wall mounted bath tap

    Hi. Bathroom project ongoing, including a wall mounted bath tap. Instructions shown in image. I am building out a stud wall 75mm from the breeze block wall, aquapanel then tiling. Wall is 1800 wide X 2400 high. Back to wall bath then going along this length. Large tiles 1200x600 standing...
  13. G

    Bathroom Ply Subfloor and Tiles

    Hello all, Installing a new bathroom on a timber suspended floor, whilst attempting to get the final floor level as low as possible, and very confused about what I can tile on to! I had imagined I could replace the existing floorboards with 18mm Ply straight onto the joists, and tile directly...
  14. D

    Can I reseal part of my bath tub?

    Hi there, I can see the sealant coming away slightly on one of the ends of the tub where it meets the wall/tiles. The other 2 seals seem fine. So I've removed the silicone across the edge of the bath where the taps are and have left the rest alone. Can I just re seal the one edge or do I need...
  15. N

    Downlights IP20 replacing but struggling to find similar connector ones

    Could someone help what this downlights connections are called. Couldn't able to find exact one's as these are discontinued from b&q Downlight by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM Transformer by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM
  16. DannyDyer

    Wet room - Partially flows towards the door?

    Right so I recently moved into my council flat. It has a wet room. Which has a shower, sink and a bog (toilet). If water from the sink goes on the floor or if you **** on the floor next to the toilet, it will flow past the shower and towards the door… Which obviously will cause issues. i stuck...
  17. W

    Standard 6AMP Pull Cord Switch as Fan Isolator?

    I've been trying to get around to replacing the old bathroom in-line ducted extractor fan in the loft with a new run-on version as the one up there currently is next to useless. As there is a pull cord switch next to the shower, I assumed (I know, never assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME)...
  18. AdFromEssex

    What sort of drain is this?

    Hello again, On changing the bathroom suite, I have found the bath drains in to this hole, with the sink draining into a similar hole beside it that leads to the same drain. The bath waste pipe came out with ease, which leads me to worry that the bathroom floor could flood in the event the...
  19. M

    Which bathroom layout? Choose 1, 2 or suggest

    Hi, please see attached, all things are to scale. I'm in my first property and now renovating bathroom. I had the boiler which was in cupboard moved (as shown) so now I can use this space. I'm wanting a shower bath/bath, to replace shower. I have never done any redesigns, so I'd appreciate...
  20. MrsRenovator

    LVT window sill front trim

    I have very deep window sills in the bathroom, (450mm deep) and I want to put LVT golden oak on them. The walls and reveals are painted, and there is no bullnose or overhang at all. So it's just the depth of the lvt on the front flush edge that will need disguising. Unless I cut a 25mm strip and...