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11 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all -

Replacing a bath I got online and it came with a waste kit. Fitted bath and waste kit to bath (spring waste and overflow) and now trying to connect trap but it's not having any of it. Firstly, the pipes don't seem to align properly; isn't the inside of the trip meant to sit slightly inside the diameter of the pipe the compression is butting up against? Also, the threads don't align so I can't even screw it on. Have tried it the 40mm trap from the old bath, and also had a new one from screwfix but neither fit. According to the company it fits with a mcalpine 40mm trap so can't see where I'm going wrong. The kit itself is here and I've included a photo to show the situation. Hoping someone can help as I'm absolutely stuck! THANKS

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The 'lip' above the rubber seal should slot inside the waste outlet, as you do the nut up, the rubber washer should seal against bottom edge of waste outlet. Looks to me like it'll fit if you line it up properly?
Thanks for the reply Hugh. No part of the trap fits inside the pipe at rest - so my only guess is that by doing up the compression fitting it begins to cram it up inside so that the seal makes contact. Is this right, or should it still me making contact before i do it up? Although the photo doesn't show it well, the diameter of the 'female and male' ends are the same, so they just but up neatly against eachother.
No, the lip for the male end should fit snugly inside the waste (grey section) outlet, to allow the rubber seal to make contact with the bottom edge of the female section. If it doesn't then I would assume there is a manufacturing fault with the waste, as you have 2 traps and neither fit.
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Thanks for for the help Hugh - thanks, that makes sense. Nothing is ever simple is it?
Often the way, especially with plumbing. Got worse with all the online ordering, not until you get the stuff, you realise half wont fit what's already there....

Get another waste, if that doesnt fit, go to Screwfix, armed with trap and get a waste that does. If that bath waste is going to a stack, you need a deeper trap A standard bath trap is not deep enough to comply with regs and runs the risk of being pulled, thus venting the drainage system via the bath....
Another cautionary tale about the pitfalls of buying unbranded sanitaryware online. They neither know nor care about compatibilty. A decent local merchants does, they get daily feedback from their trade customers. Very blunt feedback if a product is cr*p.

A regular bath waste and overflow (with plug and chain) will only will only set you back a fiver at your local merchants, will fit and not go wrong!

If you must have a pop-up, then Gerberit is a good brand.

Edit Just seen HJ's post -good spot. Yes of course that shallow-seal trap won't do.
Oh dear, I was just replacing the kind of trap that was there. Are either of you kind enough to show me link (screwfix or the like) to a deeper bath trap. Are we talking going into the floorboards, as the current one sits just above. Or is there a way to have a shallow one that has some sort of valve?
Could be a metric waste, I had that on a sink, managed to get a tf40 mcalpine or something which adapter it. Was about a fiver from prirityp plumbing.

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