baxi 105 he

  1. V

    Baxi 105he HIVE compatibility

    Hi all, Apologies if similar threads exist but I can’t find one specifically same as mine so if I’m retreading old ground here, please forgive me. I have searched but can’t find answers. Anyone know what Hive kit I would require to fit to a Baxi 105he? I do have a standard wall room stat with...
  2. M

    Baxi 105 HE Fan/Flute Indicator Error

    Hi all, Hope you will be able to point me into the right direction. My boiler stopped working on Thursday after two days of central heating use. Now is giving me fan/flute error code. Got gasman today, who replaced air pressure switch (not much difference) then PCB (no difference), he checked...
  3. M

    Baxi 105e no flame, vibrating noise

    I changed the diaphragm as there was a small leak from the nut which a rod protrudes from when the hot water is activated, since doing so I now get a vibrating sound and the flame does not ignite, any idea what I can do to rectify this? There are no errors showing? Here is a video with the...
  4. Green_Machine

    Diverter valve problem.

    Hi. I am having an issue with a baxi 105he. I want to refurb the diverter valve as we are having issues with HW.. I have isolated the cold water feed into boiler drained the primary system "rads" even though this is not needed drained the boiler turned the hot taps on upstais downstairs still...
  5. S

    Baxi combi 105 HE

    Hi, I am finding a small pool of water in the mornings, and I have traced it back the the 3 way diverter assembly, it is dripping from where the diaphragm housing couples the the 3 way valve assembly, is this simply a O ring, also do I need to drain the system to remove only the diaphragm...
  6. J

    Baxi combi 105 HE - Swtichmaster SM300 upgrade to Salus RT510RF

    Hello everyone, I've got an issue with my current thermostat Swtichmaster SM300 when on it buzzes like hell and setting the timer is just terrible. I want to upgrade to a Salus RT510RF but I just wasn't too sure about all the wiring and wanted to double check. By the thermostat controller...
  7. T

    Baxi Combi 105HE Central Heating Problem

    Good Morning All, I have a Baxi Combi 105HE. The boiler doesn't appear to be firing when the demand for Central Heating is set to occur. If I run a hot tap, the Central Heating LED goes out, the Hot Water LED illuminates and the boiler fires. When I close the tap, the Hot Water LED goes...
  8. R

    Baxi 105 HE - Hot water cycling

    Hi All, Having a nightmare with my boiler. Hot water cycles - get's really hot, scorching hot, then cycling to luke warm, back to very hot. Burner effectively cuts out for 10 seconds then fires back up then does the same again after a minute. This only happens with hot water, CH runs fine...