Baxi 105he HIVE compatibility

1 May 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Apologies if similar threads exist but I can’t find one specifically same as mine so if I’m retreading old ground here, please forgive me. I have searched but can’t find answers.

Anyone know what Hive kit I would require to fit to a Baxi 105he?

I do have a standard wall room stat with a 3 core to it from the boiler but a lot of the Hive wiring diagram examples I’ve seem to be based on replacing a full time clock.

Any advice on kit and install much appreciated.
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I believe that the Baxi 105he is a combi boiler, so doesn't have a separate hot water cylinder attached to it. If that's the case you require the single channel Hive.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 081859.jpg

External controls are simply on/off switches whether they be a timeswitch or thermostat. The boiler doesn't know the difference.

If you only have a "standard wall room stat" what controls the times that the heating is on/off?
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That’s great, thank you.

It is indeed a combi. Will this receiver work with any Hive wall stat do you know or is there a particular stat that it needs to par with?
The Hive thermostat will come with its own receiver and Hub as a complete kit.
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Ah, ok. I’m with you. I just looked and this is the case.

It comes with 4 AA batteries, just wondered what they’re for as it doesn’t mention anything being wireless. Looks like your advice has lead me to the right one anyway, very much appreciated.
The receiver is mains powered and is connected to the wiring that controls the boiler. For a new installation it would normally mounted adjacent to the boiler for ease of wiring.

The thermostat itself is battery operated and can be located in the correct place to provide the best control of the heating without having to run wires from the boiler out to it. The thermostat then communicates with the receiver wirelessly.

Ah, right.

So do you know if the wiring to the current room stay be usable for the receiver or would that be then surplus to requirements?

Appreciate this by the way, sorry to bombard you. You’ve been very helpful
It all depends on the existing thermostat and how its been wired up. Some thermostats only have a two wire connection which would not be suitable for the receiver, because there isn't a neutral connection. Other thermostats have a three wire thermostat that do have a neutral connection and would be OK for the Hive receiver.

If you want to use the existing wiring then it might be better to use a wired thermostat without a receiver instead of Hive.
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Ah, ok. Current room stat is a Honeywell with a 2 core so I assume it’s just a switch wire so no neutral.

Maybe could just make safe and put the Honeywell over the top of the hole
As @stem above, or purchase a small amount of cable and wire the Hive receiver into the boiler. Leave existing wiring, and make safe or leave thermostat on the wall as an ornament. Disconnect wiring at boiler end and insert new cable/wires at boiler.

Edit: yes your existing thermostat is a 2 wire setup using twin and earth. Can be subjected to large temperature swings without the neutral wire.
Ah, no neutral then, so not suitable for connecting a Hive receiver.

Ironically that thermostat should have a neutral wire in terminal 2. So it won't work as well as it should.
@CBW as you are more in the know about all things boiler. Are the electrical terminals in a Baxi 105he accessible for DIY or would it require an RGI?
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@CBW as you are more in the know about all things boiler. Are the electrical terminals accessible for DIY or would it require an RGI?
Baxi 105e should be fine for DIY mate

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