1. T

    Replace timer with Hive, only 3 wires

    Hi, I am trying to replace an analog timer with a Hive, but the timer only has 3 wires. every other discussion I have read mentions 4 wires! 1 (timer) to N (hive) 3 to L 4 to ??? Please help! Thanks
  2. nmlyons31

    Hive wiring help

    I'm replacing my multi-zone Danfoss controllers with Hive, so far the downstairs Hive receiver is wired in and working well. I'm having a problem wiring in the Hive Single Channel receiver to replace a Danfoss TP 4000 for the upstairs zone. The TP 4000 is battery powered and has 2 connected...
  3. Justjack123

    Running water noise in CH pump?

    Hi All, I have been in my home for around a year now, and when we originally moved in there was a worchester bosch greenstar Ri boiler. In my bedroom cupboard the boiler is positioned, along with a large hot water tank below it and then above in the loft an expansion and cold water tank...
  4. pud74

    Hive TRV leaks when unscrewing

    Hive TRV leaks when unscrewing Hi this is the issue, I can't take the M30 attachment off without water leaking, when I try to unscrew it the black valve inside also turns and water starts leaking out. I managed to get the adapter off using a dremel to carefully cut it off, and this is...
  5. S

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I’ve just bought the Hive Mini and I’m trying to switch the receivers My current one is a Honeywell wired up as seen here…. Can some please tell me where exactly each wire goes in the hive receiver as that is marked N L 1234 not NLL ABC Thank you
  6. G

    Two Hive Thermostats 1 Boiler

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and dealing with a very bespoke system so please be gentle. Basically there are two zones in the house. Upstairs (with hot water) and downstairs. Originally the zones were controlled by two Horstmann H17 XL with separate thermostats in each zone. So far I have...
  7. B

    Hive not firing heating up

    Hi I've got a Main Combi 30 Eco which currently has a termistat salus rt501RF with a Salus RXBC605 Plug-in Receiver fitted to its fascia , Im now looking at fitting a Hive active heating v3 system to it ( heating only model ) I have followed previous forums by disconnecting the yellow link...
  8. D

    Honeywell ST9400S1001 to Hive SLRC1

    The boiler is a WB GreenStar 38CDi Classic. We bought the Hive Thermostat Receiver and Hub for Combi boiler. The Honeywell had cabling to its Earth, Live, Neutral 3 and 4 terminals (terminals 1 and 2 not connect/wired). The Hive Receiver was wired the same. All paired and Hub set up...
  9. A

    Replace Horstmann H17XL programmer/complex underfloor heating

    Good afternoon, I was hoping someone could help me/give me advice here regarding improving our heating system at home: We've moved into a house that we bought earlier this year and the boiler and heating controls were outdated so we upgraded the boiler to a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life...
  10. Seymour24

    Hive Hw coming on when turn Ch on

    Hi All I was hoping you might be able to help me with a situation. I have recently installed the Hive system which is the dual channel (hw&ch). Our system is a gravity feed Y-Plan system (so I believe). The issue we are currently having is when the central heating is turned on, the light on...
  11. E

    Replacing BDR91 with Hive mini dual channel receiver wiring

    Hi All, Apologies if this has already been answered earlier, but I cannot find a 100% confident answer. I am replacing my old Honewell BDR91 with the new Hive Mini (dual channel) Thermostat. I have Baxi 400 combi boiler at home. Attached image with my old Honewell BDR91 wiring, I have...
  12. D

    Hive and Baxi Duo Tec 40

    Hi, I had the original hive and the hub packed in. So when I saw the new one on a black Friday deal jumped at it for £110. I replace everything but now hive cannot control the boiler. I have changed any wiring. But I have noticed the new receiver has a hot water button. I attach the pic of...
  13. B

    Hive to Drayton Wiser

    Hey, Looking to switch over from hive to drayton wiser. Based on wiring diagrams it looks like the terminals line up 1-1 but would like someone to confirm. Unsure if i need to bridge live to common (terminal 1) given that there's already a connection to COM.
  14. A

    Hive Installation from EP2002

    Hey Folks, I've inherited a ball of wires at the back of my EP2002, wondering if anyone can assist me with what goes where in the hive. There are similar posts here, but my ball of wires is quite different. The boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 40CDI Classic Regular. Heat only, so CH does the HW...
  15. J

    Replacing Polypipe P2CTC thermostat with HIVE wiring question

    Hello everyone, I'd like to replace my DUAL channel Programmer made by Polypipe with HIVE mini receiver. I am not sure about the wiring. The old polypipe programmer use 2 AA batteries. HIVE use live wiring (N, L and Ground). Here everything is clear. Polypipe has dual pairing: C1 - Brown...
  16. R

    Ecofit pure 825 and hive wiring

    Hi I have just switched an old thermostat to hive. I am not sure the old thermostat ever worked. Essentially the boiler is not responding to hive and the heating is constantly on. I have used the same wiring configuration on the old thermostat and havent touched the wiring on the boiler. Do I...
  17. J

    Dual channel Hive into a single channel Logic boiler...

    Hey everyone, first time posting here but I am completely at a loss - looked through lots of the other posts and they all cover parts of my problem, but not the whole thing! I bought a Hive dual channel as I incorrectly thought that's what I needed - turns out I only needed a single channel...
  18. G

    Hive and Baxi ecoblue advance - quick wiring question

    Hi guys, new user but have relied on these forums a few times in the past so a general thanks to all who make this such a valuable resource. I am looking to install hive to my Baxi ecoblue advance Combi boiler and was happily following an older forum post about it but there is an ‘issue’ that I...
  19. M

    Hive Not Firing Up Boiler

    Hi, I’m new so apologies if this has been asked/resolved before. I had an engineer install my Hive Heating System yesterday, however, when I try to control the heating from the app or thermostat the receiver clicks on but it does not fire up the boiler. All the lights etc area solid green...
  20. Danielc11

    Hive help

    I’ve wired in a hive heating single channel receiver to replace a danfoss fp720 controlling a valliant ecotec exclusive 843. I’ve wired it up using the install guide from hive using earth, neutral, live, 1 & 3. I’ve wired HTG on from danfoss into HTG on in hive and what was DHW on into Common on...