1. J

    Hive single channel install

    Hello - I asked a friend to install a Hive receiver for me, after they thought it was finished (paired in the app) they left. It was never tested and now when testing the receiver is working but the boiler isn't kicking in This is how the wiring has been left and it looks nothing like the...
  2. G

    Hive thermostat and existing boiler controls

    Hi, I'm looking at the Hive thermostat but a bit confused by what Hive have told me and conflicting info online, is it possible to replace my existing hall thermostat and leave existing programmer on all the time or do I need to replace the programmer? I don't want the thermostat in that...
  3. P

    DanFoss T5000 to Hive Mini

    Hi I’m trying to install Hive mini in 2 zone house. Upstairs bedroom has its in own zone. Wiring in DanFoss it just has a com and on wire in it - see photo. There are then earth and a grey with blue band which assume is neutral. Both are capped. I wired the new mini with grey in neutral, brown...
  4. Z

    Hive install to Vokera vision plus 40c

    I’d like to install a hive i have purchased connecting to my boiler. I have a hive mini and vokera vision plus 40c. I can pick up the live and neutral but don’t know where to connect the hive to the boiler (see picture) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Carthesis

    Ideal Logic C30 Combi + Hive SLR1c

    Hi all I know there are a number of threads on this, which I've read and attempted to follow. Short version: Had an old system boiler for HW and CH replaced with a Logic Max C30 Combi. Previously the system was wired up to a dual channel Hive. The guy that fitted the boiler said it'd need...
  6. S

    Connect Baxi Solo 2PF to hive

    Im an electrician trying to connect Hive to my Baxi solo 2PF boiler but the hive diagrams dont match the available terminals and I dont understand enough about boilers to chance guessing at it and frying the mother board. Please help! (Diagrams and boiler terminals attatched)
  7. P

    Tado system to replace Hive - Wiring Help

    Hi, We have a Baxi Assure 30 combi and have used a hive system with standard TRVs bar 1 rad for ages. We don't have a hot water tank or anything like that, no multi zones. We basically boosted the heating as and when we wanted and hot water is on demand. We've bought a Tado Wireless Smart...
  8. GamerGypps

    Hive Heating with Logic Combi ESP1 35

    Hi all, I’m looking to replace my current thermostats with Hive. I have ESI ESRTP4+ thermostats in the bedroom and hallway of my flat. With a Logic ESP1 35 combi boiler. When looking at the wiring needed my current thermostats only have 2 wires. NO/ON and COM. Hive obviously needs more...
  9. V

    Hive Wiring to Replace Watts BT-WR02-HC RF Receiver for Underfloor heating

    I currently have a Polypipe Single Zone Master Unit (PB1ZM) connected to Watts Receiver and Thermostat to control my underfloor heating. The RF Receiver is playing up so going to replace this with a HIVE Active Heating dual channel setup, which will also allow me to replace the Honeywell...
  10. V

    Baxi 105he HIVE compatibility

    Hi all, Apologies if similar threads exist but I can’t find one specifically same as mine so if I’m retreading old ground here, please forgive me. I have searched but can’t find answers. Anyone know what Hive kit I would require to fit to a Baxi 105he? I do have a standard wall room stat with...
  11. N

    Change of radiator of Hive TRV?

    My ensuite bathroom has 2 external double brick walls and a large window. Naturally, in the winter, it's the coldest room in the flat by around 5 degrees, and very humid. It's also the only room with a single radiator, everywhere else it's a double. I can manage the heating of the entire flat...
  12. R

    Advice on Hive 2 multi zone installation S plan with Potterton Promax Boiler

    Hello. I've recently purchased a Hive multi zone self install kit (2 heating zones and hot water system) to replace my Horseman Centaurplus C17 and Horstmann Centaurstat 7 thermostat. I live in a relatively new house with two zones for controlling upstairs and downstairs heating, with separate...
  13. eveares

    Do any Vaillant weather compensating controls support traditional hard wired thermostats?

    I have have a Vailant EcoTec Plus 937 boiler that is about 10 years old. During it's first few years, I had the VRC700f control with the wireless outdoor temperature sensor, that modulates the flow temperature based on the outside temperature. Unfortunately the outside weather temperature...
  14. J

    Hive multizone issue- can I combine the zone and use single thermostat

    My plumber fitted the Hive multizone system few year ago but we finding it very uneconomical as those zone start at different time, ending up with the full house always cold and only 1 floor per time warmer. I would prefer to have a single thermostat on the stairwell and have both zone work at...
  15. C

    Danfoss TP9000 to Hive

    Hi everyone, I've had a look through previous threads but couldn't find what I was looking for but apologies if this has already been asked. I currently have a Danfoss TP9000MA thermostat running with an Alpha InTec 34C boiler and Danfoss TS2 Temperature Sensor. I've attached a photo of the...
  16. lld90

    Which Hive radiator adaptor (or new valve)?

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can help with the adaptor I need for correctly fitting Hive TRV to the valve in the picture. Possibly there is no suitable adaptor, so I'd need to use a new valve. It had the adaptor that comes with the Hive TRV (M30) on for ages but it didn't work correctly...
  17. GeorgeOC

    Hive to control existing motorized valves

    Hi, I’ve gotten a Hive system, just 1 thermostat/receiver/hub. The house already has 2 timers, 1 for each floor and 2 motorised valves that are controlled by 2 old thermostats(that are not accurate at all). I was wondering, is there a way to wire the receiver in such a way for it to control...
  18. number49

    Hive & Main Eco Compact

    Hi All, I have a newish main eco compact 30 and dual channel Hive (I know, I know... but it's worked fine for the past 8 years with my previous combi). The boiler has been off for a few weeks for some plastering and other jobs. I've filled and vented everything, powered up the boiler, Hive is...
  19. W

    Hive wiring Vaillant boiler

    I’ve just wired up a hive thermostat to my Vaillant ecotec plus 824 boiler. The hub, thermostat and receiver are all paired. The receiver clicks on when turning thermostat up or using via app on iPhone but the heating itself isn’t turning on. It’s like it’s not getting the signal from the...
  20. Andrea_304

    Hive and smart trv's

    Hello Forum ! Hoping to pick your brain about something i have in mind to maybe make my central heating a bit more efficient. The current set up i have is a brand new vokera combi boiler with a hive thermostat and traditional TRV's on every radiator. The house it is not big and we have an open...