1. P

    Installing Hive receiver to boiler

    Hi, I'd like to install a Hive single channel receiver to control the central heating from my Worcester Greenstar HE boiler. The current Honeywell thermostat only has two core wire to it acting as a live switch and is battery powered. My thinking is remove this cable from the boiler and using 5...
  2. L

    Replacing Honeywell ST9100a with Hive

    Hi everyone, We are just in the process of a kitchen refit and have purchased a hive (single channel). Having removed the face place for the existing programmer (Honeywell ST9100a) I have noticed more wiring than I had expected, for example multiple cables in Earth, Live and Neutral. Looking...
  3. D

    HIVE Multizone

    Hello Can someone clear this up for me please, Is it just the name or what? If you have two or more heating zones in a property, you will need: Zone 1: Hive Hub connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Zone 2: Hive receiver connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Once...
  4. A

    Hive wiring help

    Hi, I am trying to connect Hive singer channel to my new boiler Wercster bosch greenstar 2000 30k, and I need your expertise help to get the wiring correctly. Attached photo for the boiler electrical boards and hive receiver. I believe my problem connecting the commn 1? I tried contacting...
  5. E

    Hive receiver flashing multicoloured

    Hi all, some help please, I have a hot water tank and Central heating, purchased a Hive Active Heating and Hot Water system. I removed the Drayton LP722 programmer and replaced the wiring like for like on the new Give backplate. Two single core and a multi core in neutral, two single core in...
  6. R

    Grant Combi Boiler to Hive (No Hot Water)

    Hi, I had a new Grant Vortex Combi 26 boiler installed 1 year ago. I also bought a Hive thermostat and wired it in myself. Having never owned a combi boiler before I thought all was well. Central heating came on when I wanted and I had hot water. Then I realised that although I could get hot...
  7. F

    Help please for wiring a Hive receiver - thanks!

    Hi. I am fitting a new Hive and have what I hope will be a simple question :) I need to replace the existing control unit (which is hard wired to my Alpha boiler) with the Hive controller I can re-use the same wall plate which currently has blue going to the N terminal, brown going to the L...
  8. S

    Connect Hive to Baxi Boiler that currently has Wireless Thermostat

    Hi, my boiler - Baxi Platinum 28E, currently has a wireless thermostat / receiver installed. The current thermostat receiver has a Live / Neutral and 2 x black on/off wires attached. Can I just connect these wires to the Live / Neutral and on/off terminals in the Hive receiver? If so it'll be...
  9. D

    Hive connection to Morco combination boiler.

    Hi all, I'm contemplating fitting a Hive heating system to my Morco combi boiler in my static van. I did see a thread on here but the more I read the more confused I got. OK, here goes. My Morco boiler has a 240v plug which plugs into a power socket in the cupboard the boiler is housed. I would...
  10. J

    BDR91 to Hive conversion advice

    Hi all! Our old thermostat controller isn't working anymore, so we are looking to do a DIY upgrade from the old Honeywell BDR91 to Hive. We would appreciate some advice from the experts on this forum! We have a "Vaillant EcoTech Pro 28" combi boiler, and I have attached the current BDR91...
  11. I

    HELP !!! Replacing a Drayton RF3 with Hive.

    Hi All, I have a Drayton RF3 (British Gas PT5) thermostat that I would like to replace with a Hive. The boiler is a Vaillant ecoTECplus 415. There is no hot water control, so it is all done via the heating settings. Please help !! I'm totally lost on this one !! I fitted the Hive in my...
  12. paracas

    replacing broken Hive hub

    hi all, I have managed to break my Hive hub by plugging the wrong power lead into it :( So I'd like to replace it, but unsure how best to go about this, so would appreciate input from any of you Hive experts out there. It's an older model of Hub I think ('Nano 2 Hub V2' ) bought from British...
  13. J

    Hive Heating Boiler Communication Issue

    I recently installed a Hive Active Wireless Heating package, but am having trouble with the system communicating with my combi boiler and would really appreciate some help. I'm not a certified electrician or plumber, but electrically competent, and think I'm 90% of the way there, but Hive won't...
  14. therafox

    Does Hive work without a thermostat (receiver only)?

    I see a lot of people on eBay selling only the receiver for their Hive Active Heating without the thermostat. Assuming I have the hub, does this actually work? Can the heating be controlled with the phone app alone? What happens if e.g. the thermostat breaks or runs out of batteries?
  15. R

    Replacing old thermostat with Hive.

    Sorry, I really have spent about an hour looking online for the answer and just can't find anything. Boiler = Worcester Greenstar 28i (dial/timer in the middle) Old thermostat = Siemens Landis & Staefa RA02 New Thermostat = Hive single chanel active heating. The old thermostat is in another...
  16. therafox

    Why do I have so many thermostats?

    Hey folks, I just recently moved to the UK and the way heating systems work here is new to me - apologies if this is a dumb question. In my current flat, I have an immersion heater which consists of an unvented indirect cylinder (TI120P4) for both hot water and underfloor heating. This is...
  17. N

    Hive Wiring Clarification

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for reading my post. I've got a gas safe engineer booked in to service my boiler and asked him how much it would cost to swap a reciever only.. Which he quoted £100 for a 5 minute job, when he's here anyway....? Could someone clarify the wiring for me please (which...
  18. C

    Valliant ecotec pro 28 hive install

    Help I've been wracking my brains over the hive installed trawled through every forum and video to get it right. Right now I have the hive receiever wired to the 24v RT port on the boiler onto the common amd heat on on the hive receiever. Everything seems to work as when I use the hive...
  19. W

    Hive vs Logic 30+

    Hi, I have checked all posts on this forum, and I could not find anyone in the same situation as me. Hive model: Dual Channel Hive Wiring: Never changed, just kept switching boilers Why dual: Long time ago this was the only model available. I do not use and I'm not planning to use water...
  20. T

    Help Hive Active Heating + Glow Worm Ultracom cxi

    Hi Trying to wire Hive single channel receiver with my Glow Worm Ultracom cxi 30 boiler, not having much luck, any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see pics