1. D

    Hive wiring to grant boiler

    Hi, having a bit of trouble Boiler has a manual timer fitted that has never been used, do I wire the hive up to that or remove the link between 7 and 12 and put it there.
  2. N

    Dual Channel Hive wired wrong way around?

    I've just had a new boiler installed (Ideal Logic, regular boiler for system with sealed hot water cylinder). The boiler company provided a Hive unit, and I had to get someone else in to install it. However, they seem to have done it the wrong way around: - when I select Hot Water, the boiler...
  3. E

    Hive install - Glowworm Xtramax HE

    Hi all, I’ve been looking to install Hive in a central heating system made up of: Glowworm Xtramax HE boiler Honeywell ST9100C timer Honeywell rotary thermostat (unsure model number) I’m not having much success as the wiring has me very confused. I’ve previously installed hive but never seen...
  4. F

    Smart Thermostat recommendations?

    I'm looking to get a new combi boiler fitted soon, likely a Viessmann. The combi boiler will be servicing about 9 radiators (including 2 towel radiators) and 2 showers in a 3 bed flat. I'd like a smart thermostat system for this, but am a bit flummoxed by the options especially the zoning...
  5. R

    Install Hive and Bypass the Room Thermostat. Which Wires do I Link?

    Hi, hope you can help please. Opened up the Wiring Center and frustratingly the wiring does not match the guide on the cover. Any ideas what ones I need to link to be able to decommission the Old Room Thermostat please? I have a HONEYWELL HOME DT90E DIGITAL ROOM THERMOSTAT & Drayton LP722...
  6. eveares

    Hive Thermostatic Radiator Valve Won't manually change!?

    I have a problem with one of my new Hive Heating thermostatic radiator valves that I got last month, it has stopped responding to manual temperature changes via the valve it's self, but the valve still wakes up when you go to manually adjust it as shown in the video. Have I accidentally enabled...
  7. B

    Worcester 32cdi and hive

    Had a greenstar 32cdi compact fitted years ago, after my old tank system failed. I had hive heating and hot water installed for the old system, as it would heat the water. When I had my Worcester installed, I kept the hive heating, the fitter said it would just work with the thermostat and...
  8. T

    Hive successful install - how to remove wall thermostat?

    I have successfully installed Hive as a replacement for EP2002 for my Kingfisher MF RSL 100. Unsure if it's going to be successful I just set old wall (wired) thermostat to highest setting. All is good for few weeks now and works great! Therefore I would like to remove my unused wall (wired)...
  9. N

    Smart Heating Control Advice

    Hi All I have had a search through previous posts and google, but everything I find seems to get me more confused. I have just had a new Vaillant boiler fitted, an ecoTEC plus 838 combi. It is just the boiler at present, operated by the controls on the front only. My plumber is offering to...
  10. B

    Wiring Hive to Logic Combi ES35

    Hello all, Looking for some information on wiring a Hive single channel receiver to a Logic Combi ES35 boiler. I know the Hive single channel receiver requires 4 connections; Neutral (N), Live (L), Common (1) and Heating On (3). From the boiler to receiver: N to N L to L Room Stat to 3 I...
  11. Gbaggerz

    Hive install on Ideal Vogue GEN 2

    Afternoon, I have an Ideal Vogue GEN2 c34 combi boiler with the Ideal Touch and want to remove and install the Hive. I have wired the mains into the hive, removed the red link out of the boiler ( for thermostat) wired to 1 & 3 on the hive. I have unplugged the old wireless thermostat, but my...
  12. T

    Hive Heating & Hot Water - Disconnecting Old Thermostat

    Afternoon All I’ve recently installed Hive heating & hot water which was really straight forward (or so I thought!) The hub and the receiver are installed fine and I currently have heating and hot water coming on fine via the app and doing what I’d expect. Trouble starts as soon as I disconnect...
  13. eveares

    Can you group Hive TRV's together where there is more than one radiator in a room?

    Hi all, for a long time I have just had three Hive TRV's. One in my bedroom, one in my bathroom and one in the spare bedroom. I have just installed 6 more Hive TRV's for the remaining radiators in the house (except the main bathroom rad what intentionally does not have a TRV) and wanted to know...
  14. H

    Replacing a Drayton LP522/DigistatSCR with a Hive

    Hello all. I was after some advice about installing a Hive to replace a Drayton LP522/DigistatSCR controlling a Vaillant Ecotech Plus 630. The current wiring seems to just have N (blue), L (brown), 3 (grey), and 4 (black) connected. Do I need to make any changes or add any links to get this...
  15. A

    Hive to Highflow 440

    Can anyone advise me how to wire a single channel Hive to control a Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440 combi boiler?
  16. E

    Hive underfloor heating fitted incorrectly...?

    Can anyone offer any help with my Hive underfloor heating in my kitchen please? I have two hive zones. One for the house and one for the UFH in the kitchen. The UFH has a separate Hive receiver next to the UFH manifold and this is triggered by a Hive thermostat in the kitchen. When I boost...
  17. D

    Hive Dual Channel replacing Honeywell BDR91 & ST9100c

    Hi, I would like to replace my existing Honeywell ST9100C HW controller and BDR91 CH receiver with a Hive dual channel receiver. The system has an immersion tank for the HW. The BDR91 is wired as follows: The ST9100C is wired as follows: These 2 cables go back to a 10 way junction box...
  18. P

    Installing Hive receiver to boiler

    Hi, I'd like to install a Hive single channel receiver to control the central heating from my Worcester Greenstar HE boiler. The current Honeywell thermostat only has two core wire to it acting as a live switch and is battery powered. My thinking is remove this cable from the boiler and using 5...
  19. L

    Replacing Honeywell ST9100a with Hive

    Hi everyone, We are just in the process of a kitchen refit and have purchased a hive (single channel). Having removed the face place for the existing programmer (Honeywell ST9100a) I have noticed more wiring than I had expected, for example multiple cables in Earth, Live and Neutral. Looking...
  20. D

    HIVE Multizone

    Hello Can someone clear this up for me please, Is it just the name or what? If you have two or more heating zones in a property, you will need: Zone 1: Hive Hub connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Zone 2: Hive receiver connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Once...