13 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
Can anyone offer any help with my Hive underfloor heating in my kitchen please?

I have two hive zones. One for the house and one for the UFH in the kitchen.

The UFH has a separate Hive receiver next to the UFH manifold and this is triggered by a Hive thermostat in the kitchen.

When I boost the UFH from the thermostat or the Hive app the light on the Hive receiver comes on immediately, but the boiler does not fire and the valve triggering the UFH does not move. Basically nothing happens.

However, if I do the above and also boost the other Hive zone (in the hallway), straight away the valve opens, the pump starts and the UFH comes on immediately.

For this reason I think the nice chap who fitted it, has potentially wired the UFH receiver incorrectly. The reason being is the UFH receiver does not seem to be able to call for heat independently of the other receiver/zone.

I have attached a photo of the wiring. I realise it is difficult to tell but wondered if there are any experts on here that have fitted hive receivers, that can see if this has been wired correctly.

By the way I isolated the power before taking of the face plates revealing the live wiring.

I am quite handy with electrics but don't want to start on this, if it is something else that is wrong with my system.

Any advice is appreciated!

Hive UFH.jpg

Hive UFH.jpg
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The Hive receiver is wired correctly, assuming it's the single channel version.
What activates the boiler is the orange wire from the valve, however it's not clear where that connects as the white flex it connects to in the upper box goes out of the picture.

The rest is a mess, and would have been far better if the installer had removed the ancient Honeywell box and replaced it with a single larger one.
Labelling of the wires is usual as well.
Thanks Flameport, it is a single channel version. From what I can see, that white piece of flex the orange wire is connected to goes straight to the underfloor heating pump. I have attached another image.

I wish they had cleared it all up as it is a mess of wires at the moment!

If the receiver is wired correctly then its a mystery why the Hive system won't fire the boiler independent of the other zone.


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    Hive 2.jpg
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that white piece of flex the orange wire is connected to goes straight to the underfloor heating pump.
That is wrong - orange should connect to the boiler, which is where the orange wires from the other two valves are connected. One of the 'orange' terminals in the lower Honeywell box, doesn't matter which, although bottom left is probably easier to get to.

The UFH pump brown should connect to the switched output from the Hive receiver, which should be the grey wire, the terminal immediately to the right of where the orange valve wire is currently connected, and where the brown valve wire is.

The sequence should be
1 - Hive receiver switches on
2 - That provides power to both the UFH pump and the UFH valve motor. Pump circulates water through the UFH pipes
3 - Valve opens and a switch inside connects power to the orange wire
4 - Orange wire signals the boiler to start, which will also start the pump for the boiler so hot water is delivered to the UFH manifold.
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Yes, provided it's identified at both ends.
The reverse isn't always true, using a green/yellow wire as something else, as that usually means no earth connection to whatever is at the end of the cable.
Using the bare CPC in T&E cable as something else is never permitted as it's not insulated.
Flameport, thanks very much for your help.

I have made the changes (annotated image attached) but the same issue remains ie the valve will only open and demand heat if the other zone is boosted. It won't demand heat independently.

Do you know what else it might be? I have seen in the wiring manual for the Hive receiver, that the permanent live and common ports are wired together with a loop cable. Could it be that which is missing from my setup?

Hive 3  - Annotated.jpg
Just a guess...

How many zone valves have you got?

The silver box bottom left, in one of your images. Hive2.jpg.

I see only one in your images.

I have two of these, one for ufh and one for house rads, that way either house or ufh can work independently.
Hi Mr Chibs, there are three in total:

Hive Receiver 1:
Zone valve 1 - Central heating for the house
Zone valve 2 - Hot water

Hive Receiver 2:
Zone valve 3 - Underfloor heating

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