hive 2 wiring advice

  1. V

    Baxi 105he HIVE compatibility

    Hi all, Apologies if similar threads exist but I can’t find one specifically same as mine so if I’m retreading old ground here, please forgive me. I have searched but can’t find answers. Anyone know what Hive kit I would require to fit to a Baxi 105he? I do have a standard wall room stat with...
  2. R

    Advice on Hive 2 multi zone installation S plan with Potterton Promax Boiler

    Hello. I've recently purchased a Hive multi zone self install kit (2 heating zones and hot water system) to replace my Horseman Centaurplus C17 and Horstmann Centaurstat 7 thermostat. I live in a relatively new house with two zones for controlling upstairs and downstairs heating, with separate...
  3. Rocket_Jnr

    Hive Install-New Build

    Hi, Looking to install Hive Multizone into my new build property. Currently has 2 zones (upstairs/downstairs) Just looking for advice on the connections from the existing Heat Center JB to the 2 new Hive receivers for zone 1 & zone 2. See images for existing wiring. Labelled as: 7 - Down 8...
  4. G

    Hive Receiver testing

    Hi, Looking to install Hive - for Greenstar 24Ri condensing boiler (not Combi). Current timer / thermostat switches 240V to the boiler, so I'm expecting Hive receiver to do the same I'd expect 240v AC on pin 4 of the receiver when I press the heat on button on the front of it, but I get 40v...
  5. D

    Dual Heating Zones Hive Mini Install

    Hi, I currently have a 2 zone (upstairs/downstairs) central heating system with combi boiler. I use the controller set to RUN (don't use the programmer) and control the heating with the 2 wall thermostats. I want to replace the 2 wall thermostats with Hive Mini thermostats. I plan to remove the...
  6. R

    Hive thermostat installation

    Hi, I've just changed from a EPH thermostat system to Hive, just wondering if anyone could help in matching the wires up for me, are they installed correctly? I've attached 2 photos showing the change I've done between them, thanks
  7. xJames1999

    Hive Thermostat and Receiver

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Back story: I purchased a house with a 2020 Baxi 600 heat only boiler and it had the original 1980 danfos102 receiver/ timer and no thermostat, so thought I’d fit a hive system as they seemed good. The issue: The central heating comes on...
  8. C

    Thermostat not working after Hive install

    I recently installed the hive v2 which worked fine. But as soon as I went to remove to thermostat on the wall it all stoped working . Hot water doesn’t fire up. Boiler fires up for 1 min then stops , doesn’t warm the rads up. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Here’s the stat: do I need to...
  9. R

    Decommissioning old wired thermostat

    Hiya. Hoping someone might be able to help! Over the weekend I’ve managed to successfully install the hive system which is working great. However, as a temporary fix I’ve left the old wired thermostat in place and turned it up to maximum temp. Hoping to get rid of our old wired stat and put up...
  10. D

    Hive and Baxi Duo Tec 40

    Hi, I had the original hive and the hub packed in. So when I saw the new one on a black Friday deal jumped at it for £110. I replace everything but now hive cannot control the boiler. I have changed any wiring. But I have noticed the new receiver has a hot water button. I attach the pic of...
  11. DarrenR

    Boiler doesn't start when Heating on + HIVE

    Hi I had HIVE in my old house so thought I'd buy it again for the new house. I've only had combi boilers in my houses but the new house has an oil boiler on ground floor (grant euroflame 70/90), hot water tank (immersion) on the 1st floor and two tanks in the loft. I've had HEATING on , in...
  12. RNS

    Wiring a hive help please

    Hello there I have a ideal eco 24 boiler I am trying to work out why the hive isn't working correctly Could somebody's verify if this wireing is correct please
  13. K

    Installing Hive Dual channel replacing centraplus c11

    Hey everyone, I've just ordered a dual channel hive thermostat and my current wiring looks like this On the hive website this is what a dual channel install looks like In order for it to work would i need to fill 1 and 3 or would it just work off my current install with only 2 and 4 full? I...
  14. D

    Wiring for hive active heating

    Afternoon I have just installed the hive combi boiler thermostat and wanted to see if I had done it right. From Myson touch v2 to Hive. Thank you in advance.
  15. CHRIS19876

    How to remove Thermostat when installing Hive

    Hi I have an existing Drayton wall thermostat , which I need to remove as I have a Hive thermostat to install. There are the 3 wires coming from the backplate of the thermostat. live goes to bottom of 3 in the wiring centre, wire 3 on thermostat goes to bottom of 2 in wiring centre. The top...
  16. A

    Hive & worcester 30cdi

    Evening all, After much reviewing of other posts and online videos I had a look at installing a hive on my worcester 30cdi boiler greenstar. It already had a wireless controller through the front panel which has been disconnected. I wired it as per the 2 photos, it can activate the hot water...
  17. OwainOW

    Another st699 to hive thread

    Hi all, Sorry to add another thread but I’m looking for some help. I have installed a hive v3 water and heating replacing my old st699. This was prompted by removing the old thermostat that I thought wasnt working and doing nothing to find it was infact setting the heat of the house and plunged...
  18. T

    Advice on replacing Thermostat Controls

    Hi all, we recently move house and the central heating controls need replacing as there is no thermostat and only way to control HW or CH is manually on or off and the the 1-5 dial on the boiler. I bought a Hive Active Heating kit for the system, which is a traditional vented tank system...
  19. D

    Hive wiring to grant boiler

    Hi, having a bit of trouble Boiler has a manual timer fitted that has never been used, do I wire the hive up to that or remove the link between 7 and 12 and put it there.
  20. J

    Hive Dual Channel To Replace Honeywell BDR91 & ST9400s

    Morning all, Apologies, I'm aware this set up has been discussed here before. I'm looking to replace my Honeywell BDR91, ST9400s and wireless thermostat to control heating and hot water (cylinder) with Hive dual channel. I understand the ST9400s and the Hive Dual Channel Receiver have...