hive 2 wiring advice

  1. jrevans

    Wiring Hive Smart Thermostat to Combi Boiler

    Hi, I'm after a few pointers wiring up a Nest Thermostat receiver to my old Worcester 24i combi boiler, please can somebody advise if my dodgy diagram looks correct, thanks.
  2. M

    Hive wiring to Glow worm betacom 30c

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a hive to wire up to my betacom 30c combi boiler with no existing thermostat. Looking at the manual it appears that I have two forms of connectivity. One being 24v and the other being 230v. I've had a quick look at the hive manual to make sense of what's required and...
  3. D

    Old Potterton control to Hive 2 Wiring

    Hi Guys i'm a bit stuck, hope somebody out there can shed some light on this... I have an old potterton control and im trying to wire in the hive 2 system, my father passed away this year and he's the one who fitted it so i'm a bit stuck for someone to ask. 1. I have located the wires for the...
  4. J

    Hive Installation

    Hi, I have purchased a new hive system which I want to install into our house, however as our current central heating system does not have a thermostat, I am going to need to wire in the hive receiver from scratch. I have gone through the boiler manual and have found the external accessories...
  5. bensd

    Replace Danfloss TP500 with Hive 2

    Hi, I am trying to replace my TP500 with Hive 2 however the wiring does not seem to line up. I have no permanent neutral or heating off wire. Both of which are indicated as required in the Hive installation guide. Here is my wiring behind the battery TP500 Here is the Hive install image...
  6. P

    What is correct wiring for Hive 2 please?

    Hi I picked up a Hive 2 multi zone kit yesterday. I currently have a Drayton LP522 programmer controlling hot water and 2 heating zones, upstairs and down. Current wiring is fixed live and neutral, earth tethered and grey to 3 and black to 4. The wiring diagram on back of the drayton...