hive 2 wiring advice

  1. J

    Hive Dual Channel To Replace Honeywell BDR91 & ST9400s

    Morning all, Apologies, I'm aware this set up has been discussed here before. I'm looking to replace my Honeywell BDR91, ST9400s and wireless thermostat to control heating and hot water (cylinder) with Hive dual channel. I understand the ST9400s and the Hive Dual Channel Receiver have...
  2. E

    Hive install - Glowworm Xtramax HE

    Hi all, I’ve been looking to install Hive in a central heating system made up of: Glowworm Xtramax HE boiler Honeywell ST9100C timer Honeywell rotary thermostat (unsure model number) I’m not having much success as the wiring has me very confused. I’ve previously installed hive but never seen...
  3. Maniac5

    Wiring advice for replacing BDR91 with Hive single channel receiver - Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28

    Hi All I've just received my new Hive in the post today. I was hopeful that I'd be able to just swap the fronts from the BDR91 and the Hive receiver but (of course) life is never that simple! :-( I've had a good look through the forums and I can't see any advice that specifically relates to my...
  4. R

    Install Hive and Bypass the Room Thermostat. Which Wires do I Link?

    Hi, hope you can help please. Opened up the Wiring Center and frustratingly the wiring does not match the guide on the cover. Any ideas what ones I need to link to be able to decommission the Old Room Thermostat please? I have a HONEYWELL HOME DT90E DIGITAL ROOM THERMOSTAT & Drayton LP722...
  5. B

    Wiring Hive to Logic Combi ES35

    Hello all, Looking for some information on wiring a Hive single channel receiver to a Logic Combi ES35 boiler. I know the Hive single channel receiver requires 4 connections; Neutral (N), Live (L), Common (1) and Heating On (3). From the boiler to receiver: N to N L to L Room Stat to 3 I...
  6. D

    Hive heating

    Hi want to connect new hive into heating replacing a horstmann channel plus h37xl. I have attached a pic. My current setup on right and hive diagram on left. The the HW on is wired into the live. Is this ok on the hive? It looks like to like for me
  7. D

    Horstmann 425 to Hive

    Hello, I’ve just moved house and found myself with a Ideal Mexico Super ideal C125 boiler, Horstmann 425 control and Sunvic thermostat. I’d like to replace the control for a hive but need some assistance with the wiring please. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. Thanks in advance! David
  8. E

    Hive underfloor heating fitted incorrectly...?

    Can anyone offer any help with my Hive underfloor heating in my kitchen please? I have two hive zones. One for the house and one for the UFH in the kitchen. The UFH has a separate Hive receiver next to the UFH manifold and this is triggered by a Hive thermostat in the kitchen. When I boost...
  9. A

    Hive wiring help

    Hi, I am trying to connect Hive singer channel to my new boiler Wercster bosch greenstar 2000 30k, and I need your expertise help to get the wiring correctly. Attached photo for the boiler electrical boards and hive receiver. I believe my problem connecting the commn 1? I tried contacting...
  10. Elliot Harpur

    HELP! Hive not heating water

    Hi my heating isn’t heating water when selected. It’ll heat when the radiators are on I’m unsure what type of boiler I have unsure if you can tell from the photos. Any help would be muchly appreciated!
  11. A

    Boss BR1 to Hive Active Heating wiring

    Hi all, Just get someone to double check my research into the wiring as planning to move to Hive (single channel). I have a Worcester 28i junior boiler with BR1) receiver (wall mounted - picture 1&2) & remote thermostat (BPS242RF) which is not working hence the heating system but still have...
  12. J

    Hive Wiring questions

    Hello all, was wondering if you would be able to help. I have a gravity fed system with an oil boiler. I ordered the Hive hot water and Thermostat kit in the hope we don't have to turn on the heating just to get water. Opened up the current controller where I was planning on putting the hive...
  13. A

    Hive wiring to Biasi 35C Boiler

    Hi, I have Hive connected to my Worcester Bosch boiler, no problem but I have bought my son a Hive thermostat to connect to his Biasi Inovia 35C boiler and it’s looking a lot more complicated wiring than my boiler. Obviously the live, neutral and earth are no problem it’s the other two/three...
  14. T

    Changing from Nest to Hive

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to change from Nest to Hive. I've read a few posts already (this one in particular was helpful) and I'm fairly confident I've got it right in my head, but a few things I want to check if you could help. Bit of background - we moved into a house with a system boiler...
  15. J

    Workaround to control dry / electric underfloor heating with Hive?

    Hi I have a central heating system controlled with a 3 zone Hive active heating system. I'm about to add electric underfloor heating to the family bathroom. Hive is not really designed to control dry / electric underfloor heating but I remember reading on a forum once (can't remember where!)...
  16. T

    Help Hive Active Heating + Glow Worm Ultracom cxi

    Hi Trying to wire Hive single channel receiver with my Glow Worm Ultracom cxi 30 boiler, not having much luck, any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see pics
  17. P

    Another Hive installation. Please help

    Hi all, I would like to replace my current timer and thermostat with the Hive heating and hot water. My current timer is a Landis and Staeffa, boiler is a potterton netaheat ( very old) with a thermostat in the hall. Wiring the hive seems straight forward as connections seem the same...
  18. D

    Hive instalation

    Hi, just bought a hive to try and control my little ones bedroom temp, and thought it was a simple replacement to the control box and thermostat i have in place, i removed the thermostat wires and connected the hive. The hive was connected power wise, but wasn’t communicating with the boiler...
  19. Giles266

    Hive dual channel multi zone wiring help

    Help! I'm trying to install Hive active heating 2 to replace my existing system but I'm not too sure on the wiring, I've found tons of guides and posts about this already but I'm not able to transfer the solutions to my setup. This damn wiring is starting to infiltrate my dreams so any help or...
  20. guy_will

    Honeywell T3R to Hive Thermostat

    Hi, looking for advice on switching over as per the title. I've read over a few of the other posts on here but can't see wiring like how my Honeywell thermostat. There's too brown going to live, they would just go in Live on the Hive? Two blue going to neutral, same on to neutral on the Hive...