Advice on Hive 2 multi zone installation S plan with Potterton Promax Boiler

8 Jan 2024
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United Kingdom
Hello. I've recently purchased a Hive multi zone self install kit (2 heating zones and hot water system) to replace my Horseman Centaurplus C17 and Horstmann Centaurstat 7 thermostat. I live in a relatively new house with two zones for controlling upstairs and downstairs heating, with separate hot water, all controlled via three separate motorized valves. The boiler is a Potterton Promax HE Plus System with a Santon Premier Plus hot water cylinder upstairs.

I've managed to remove the existing thermostats and associated cables from the 'wiring centre'. I've installed the Hive Hub, Receivers and Thermosats and have them all working, but the system is not functioning correctly. Thermostat 1 is for downstairs and is linked to the dual receiver, thermostat 2 is for upstairs and is linked to the single receiver (which I've put the loop in between live and terminal 1 for too).

The diagrams/sketches below show how the system is currently wired. From the way it's currently wired, thermostat 1 is driving both the downstairs heating and the hot water. I've attempted to connect the terminal 1 of the cylinder to terminal 3 of the programmer for HW On, (as per the dotted line on the sketch) but this results in nothing working, not even the heating in either zone.

I've been going round in circles, and my head now hurts on this conundrum, so any help to resolve and get working properly would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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I think I would start with trying to rule out a problem with HW NO, on the dual channel Hive.
In your current setup, hot water and CH come on together when you turn on zone 1 heating.
Try swapping the grey for the black (from cable A) in terminal 3 of the wiring centre.
Turn on the Hot water, and see if it still works as it did.
Thanks for the response. I have tried what you suggested by swapping the grey for the black (from cable A) in terminal 3 of the wiring centre. Turning on the hot water works as it did so rules out a problem with HW NO. Zone 2 thermostat also works for the CH upstairs. I did a belt and braces approach and reconnected it as was and swapped the grey wire in the dual channel receiver to terminal 3 and that worked too when I switched the hot water on.

I then decided to re-wire it as it should be, i.e. as per the dotted lines on my diagram so the cylinder terminal 1 (brown) is connected to terminal 1 of the wiring centre, which is connected to the black wire of cable A going back to terminal 3 of the dual channel receiver (HW NO). I then decided the issue must lie with the HW zone valve, so checked and double checked all the connections in the wiring centre........once I turned the system back on and switched on the hot water the boiler light illuminated and the boiler fired up! woohoo, finally it looks like it's working. Zone 1 and Zone 2 thermostats also working independently too. what a relief!

Thanks for your help!
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