hive multizone

  1. R

    Advice on Hive 2 multi zone installation S plan with Potterton Promax Boiler

    Hello. I've recently purchased a Hive multi zone self install kit (2 heating zones and hot water system) to replace my Horseman Centaurplus C17 and Horstmann Centaurstat 7 thermostat. I live in a relatively new house with two zones for controlling upstairs and downstairs heating, with separate...
  2. L

    Hive multizone with 2 dual channel receivers

    Hi, I ordered directly from Hive home uk, and I stated that I had a dual zone house with a single hot water tank. But they sent me 2 dual channel receivers rather than a dual and a single. The question is : can i install one of the receivers as single channel (heating only). Will it affect the...
  3. Giles266

    Hive dual channel multi zone wiring help

    Help! I'm trying to install Hive active heating 2 to replace my existing system but I'm not too sure on the wiring, I've found tons of guides and posts about this already but I'm not able to transfer the solutions to my setup. This damn wiring is starting to infiltrate my dreams so any help or...
  4. B

    Hive Multizone Help

    Looking for some advice? Installing a Hive Multizone in a property. It has the Danfoss programmer. See attached wiring for it; Would I wire this like for like as per the Hives instructions and just remove and cap the remote sensor. See attached photo? Then would I get the single channel receiver...
  5. S

    Hive multi zone thermostat

    good morning. I’m after so information on wiring my Hives up. I’ve just bout the active heating and extra hive We have 2 thermostats to replace. In my current thermostat they only have 4 wire. L, N, E and a L when the heating is called (CH on?) I’ve put the wires to the corresponding pins...
  6. M

    Hive 2 Multizone Install

    Hi All, I setup Hive 2 a while back for downstairs heating and hot water and it works perfectly. This meant that my upstairs rads were still controlled by a danfoss tp5000 programmable room thermostat in the bedroom. Ive been out and bought the multizone kit for hive with the plan to replace...
  7. T

    Hive Multizone Permanent Live

    Hi, im having issues with my hive multizone and getting power to my upstairs receiver. I have 2 zones, upstairs and downstairs. I can only get power to my upstairs receiver when my downstairs heating is on. I have installed a loop wire between live and common in my receiver upstairs but still no...
  8. P

    Replacing Dual Zone Honeywell with Hive

    Hi, I wondering if anyone can help me. I have moved into a new Bellway build and I'm looking to replace the current dual zone Honeywell system with a Hive system. Currently there is a Honeywell ST9100c under the boiler. In the living room and on the top floor there are CM707 units. The top...