hive active heating

  1. D

    Dual Heating Zones Hive Mini Install

    Hi, I currently have a 2 zone (upstairs/downstairs) central heating system with combi boiler. I use the controller set to RUN (don't use the programmer) and control the heating with the 2 wall thermostats. I want to replace the 2 wall thermostats with Hive Mini thermostats. I plan to remove the...
  2. S

    Hive not firing boiler up

    Any help will be much appreciated! Recently moved into a property that had some version of Salus connected to control the heating system. I have removed it and threw it away. I have bought Hive Single channel thermostat and installed as per photos. All the cores are correctly terminated i...
  3. K

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I have just brought a hive and need help with how to wire it up to my existing system can someone please tell me where to transfer the wires in the image attached : N L L A B Many Thanks
  4. SaintHarris83

    How to fit Hive to Potterton Suprima 40L

    Does anyone know how to / if its possible to fit a Hive receiver to a Potterton Suprima 40L boiler? Here are some pics of the current system: It has a 3 way valve and pump. Thanks.
  5. S

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I’ve just bought the Hive Mini and I’m trying to switch the receivers My current one is a Honeywell wired up as seen here…. Can some please tell me where exactly each wire goes in the hive receiver as that is marked N L 1234 not NLL ABC Thank you
  6. J

    Hive Multiroom

    Hi, I'm trying to install two Hive thermostats. I've got upstairs and downstairs which is controlled by Danfoss HPA2 Port valves. As I understand it, in the wiring control centre the top wires stay the same, they control the valves. I'll need to: Remove the two grey cables which connect to...
  7. Doc_Jam

    Nest To Hive

    Hi Everyone I am hopeful someone smart on here can help me out.... I had a Nest 3rd gen learning thermostat connected to my Ideal Heat 12 System Boiler. It was flakey the entire time we had it. Google replaced the heat link once and the thermostat once in the first 12 months. This year it...
  8. S

    Danfoss 5000si dual zone to Hive multizone

    Hi, Hopefully you can help. I am looking to change 2x Danfoss 5000si to Hive active heating. I bought 2x as I have a downstairs one that control.the entire floor and one in the master bedroom to control the 1st floor. When looking at the boiler and the danfoss I can see I only have 2x wires...
  9. F

    Hive - Heating won't turn off!

    Hi everyone - I’m hoping I can get some insight into why my central heating won’t turn off when told to by the Hive receiver. Boiler: Procombi Exclusive 24 Hive: Single channel receiver No previous thermostat had been installed I’ve got a cable going from the Hive receiver to the same fused...
  10. C

    Hive dual or single receiver

    Hi all. First post so bare with me! House setup - Ideal Logic H18 boiler and Kingspan Tribune XE, Hive active heating installed with multi zone (2 controls) Hive dual channel receiver wired to the boiler and a single channel receiver wired to the Tribune XE. We have been having issues with...
  11. bob-the-intern

    Honeywell T40 to Hive Thermostat Mini

    Hi there, First of all, thank you for your time. I'm looking at replacing my Honeywell T40 thermostat which serves pretty much as an on and off function on my home heating, I've a combi Vaillant boiler and the thermostat is wired to 1 (red cable) and 3 (orange cable) terminals, using the...
  12. OwainOW

    Another st699 to hive thread

    Hi all, Sorry to add another thread but I’m looking for some help. I have installed a hive v3 water and heating replacing my old st699. This was prompted by removing the old thermostat that I thought wasnt working and doing nothing to find it was infact setting the heat of the house and plunged...
  13. R

    Honeywell to hive

    Hi i am wanting to swap the current honey will system attached to my combi boiler with a new hive one whilst I am not an expert, I am competent so believe I can swap this the same as I would a light switch or plug fitting - am I right that in the images attached, the wires would line up like...
  14. E

    Hive install - Glowworm Xtramax HE

    Hi all, I’ve been looking to install Hive in a central heating system made up of: Glowworm Xtramax HE boiler Honeywell ST9100C timer Honeywell rotary thermostat (unsure model number) I’m not having much success as the wiring has me very confused. I’ve previously installed hive but never seen...
  15. R

    Install Hive and Bypass the Room Thermostat. Which Wires do I Link?

    Hi, hope you can help please. Opened up the Wiring Center and frustratingly the wiring does not match the guide on the cover. Any ideas what ones I need to link to be able to decommission the Old Room Thermostat please? I have a HONEYWELL HOME DT90E DIGITAL ROOM THERMOSTAT & Drayton LP722...
  16. eveares

    Hive Thermostatic Radiator Valve Won't manually change!?

    I have a problem with one of my new Hive Heating thermostatic radiator valves that I got last month, it has stopped responding to manual temperature changes via the valve it's self, but the valve still wakes up when you go to manually adjust it as shown in the video. Have I accidentally enabled...
  17. D

    Hive for Ideal I2 30

    Hi, recently wired up a hive to my boiler. The receiver switches off when you turn the heating below current temperature and switches on when putting heat on or boosting. If I leave the clock on the problem is the boiler doesnt switch on or off with the hive controls so it would stay on...
  18. D

    Hive heating

    Hi want to connect new hive into heating replacing a horstmann channel plus h37xl. I have attached a pic. My current setup on right and hive diagram on left. The the HW on is wired into the live. Is this ok on the hive? It looks like to like for me
  19. E

    Hive underfloor heating fitted incorrectly...?

    Can anyone offer any help with my Hive underfloor heating in my kitchen please? I have two hive zones. One for the house and one for the UFH in the kitchen. The UFH has a separate Hive receiver next to the UFH manifold and this is triggered by a Hive thermostat in the kitchen. When I boost...
  20. A

    Hive installation - issue with old room stat wiring

    Afternoon, I recently decided to install Hive active heating (thermostat + receiver + hub) as the old thermostat was making a buzzing noise. I managed to set it up and HW works fine, but the old room stat (which itself is disconnected now) or rather it's existing wiring which is still connected...