Dual Channel Hive wired wrong way around?

24 Jan 2022
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United Kingdom
I've just had a new boiler installed (Ideal Logic, regular boiler for system with sealed hot water cylinder). The boiler company provided a Hive unit, and I had to get someone else in to install it. However, they seem to have done it the wrong way around:
- when I select Hot Water, the boiler switches on, and the radiators get hot
- when I select Central Heating, the boiler switches on, but the radiators don't.
- when both are off, everything shuts down appropriately.

I've had a look at the wiring (after browsing a number of posts in this forum), and there's a single wire to each of terminal 3 and 4, with a bunch to L. Could it be that the electrician has just switched the wires around when connecting the two ON wires? Can I just switch these around? At the moment, I'm using the Hive the wrong way around - setting the schedule for HW and CH the way I want it for CH and HW, respectively. Obviously, I'd prefer this to work properly, though!
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Get the electrician back or the installer - You’ve paid for something that doesn’t work as it should. By sealed hot water system, I presume you mean unvented - if this is correct, then it needs to be by someone qualified in G3.
post pics of your wiring and what controls you have , motorised valves etc, if you have a 3 port valve you are missing a wire in terminal 1
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Chris: I was kind of hoping never to see him again. But I've got him coming back... here's hoping he's vaguely competent this time.

Here's the hive wiring & system. It's a two-zone valve (Drayton)
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Loving the Honeywell 2 port embedded in the insulation- that'll keep it nice and warm and won't make changing the motor tricky at all :)
It's a two-zone valve (Drayton)
It isnt actually, it is an S plan system with one drayton zone valve and one Honeywell zone valve , not that matters really , The Honeywell valve (silver one closest to the HW cylinder has a small lever on it, you can see it in your pics, switch the CH and HW both to off and try moving this lever across, do you feel a resistance ? you should, then switch only the HW on, does this lever now move without any resistance when you try to move it
Latest chapter in this sordid tale: the guy came back, fiddled about without success, so I got a bit irate and told him to put it back the way it was, because at least it's somewhat functional. So he does, and buggers off, except he didn't put it back the way it was... Now it appears that the hot water setting powers the hot water, the central heating powers the central heating, except that the Drayton zone valve isn't doing anything. So I'm operating that manually when the CH is on until I can get someone competent to link the valve up to the right wire...
Brilliant. Thought it might be challenging to identify the right wire from terminal 4, but there was but one blue one in contention. Seems like it's working! Thanks!

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