1. CCoomber

    Cable management, floor conversion suspended to concrete.

    Hi I am currently considering converting my ground floor which is currently suspended timber into a solid insulated concrete floor for UF heating. There is a concrete base beneath the joists and the depth from the top of the joists to the bottom of the void (concrete) is 10". Currently the...
  2. willowcat

    Confusing ceiling rose - please help!

    I am at my wits end with this light fitting. We’ve been living in this house for 3 months and come across quite a few failed DIY jobs from the previous owners, and unsafe electrics. I’m trying to fit a new light fitting in the kitchen and was surprised to find four wires (not including the...
  3. Robotman

    Wiring towel radiator heating element

    Hi All, I've just bought a 300w heating element for my towel radiator. In terms of wiring, was thinking of taking a spur using a 1.5m2 cable from my double socket to an FCU, the flex of the heating element to the FCU. Does that sound right and what amp should the FCU be? Thanks in advance...
  4. G

    Fused switched spur with flex outlet - can it be an inlet?

    Hi, Just want to know if a fused switched spur with flex outlet (similar to this - https://www.toolstation.com/click-mode-13a-fused-spur/p18434? ) can be used with the flex outlet as an inlet? I plan to power a CCTV camera that will be outdoors by drilling straight through the wall and fitting...
  5. S

    Hidden Alarm Cable in Window Frame

    Hi all, I'm currently 1st fixing my security alarm cable in my own self build and I am trying to minimise any visible cable / trunking on / around the window frame. It's all hard wired as I am not a great fan of wireless. The frames are UPVC. I have already fitted 2 concealed Elmdene flush...
  6. Jack Bycroft

    Hive dual to single channel receiver wiring

    Hi, long story short my hive has been wired using a dual channel receiver on a viessmann combo boiler. Since removing the hub as I’m moving home, it only fires the boiler when I boost the hot water on the thermostat. Spoke to hive who said I should us the single channel receiver for the new...
  7. P

    Zone valve wiring

    [Firstly, apologies if this has been asked before or is answered elsewhere. I did search around but couldn't find anything.] The switch in one of my zone valves has started sticking again! (This seems to be a regular "feature" of my Drayton ZA5s! I end up replacing the switch every couple of...
  8. K

    Kitchen wires help

    Hi We are renovating a small bedsit and the kitchen wires are all exposed and a bit of a maze. I have traced most them them. However, the once circled in red comes from upstairs into a black junction box and back the same way upstairs. What is even more confusing is it is wired up with the...
  9. M

    It's got all of the components of a C-Plan system, but it's not wired up like that!

    I've spent quite a few hours trying to fathom how my boiler is configured. At first sight it appears to have all of the components of a c-plan system, 28mm 2 port valve, hot water cylinder thermostat, central heating pump and room thermostat. Firstly the controller, a British Gas UP2 (Drayton...
  10. L

    Wire Chubb delta bell to Honeywell galaxy 2-12

    Hello, can someone talk me through the wiring set up for a Chubb delta bell we have tried but I don’t know if we are wiring it up correctly as there are many more terminals on the bell box than any other siren we have used. Thanks in advance :) Lee.
  11. Z

    Underfloor heating pump wiring

    Hello everyone, i have installed underfloor heating, and cant figure out how to wire manifold pump so that it only turns on with the heating on and not with hot tap water it is a ideal logic + combi 30 boiler. Anyone know if its even possible?
  12. R

    Siemens RDE100.1 DHW to Hive heating thermostat wiring

    Hi all, I am planning to replace the current thermostat (a Siemens RDE100.1 DHW) to a Hive smart thermostat. The current wiring on the Siemens is attached, it controls both the heating as well as the hot water (have a separate hot water tank upstairs). However I am confused about how the...
  13. J

    Can I extend ring main like this?

    Hello, I want to add more sockets into the room thus I want to extend the ring main from an existing socket. Currently the socket in the room is wired as such (a socket and a spur to the left of it): My plan would be to do this (use wago connectors to connect to the spur and continue one of...
  14. D

    Heat link wiring to Honeywell Smartfit

    Hi, I’ve read multiple posts about installing the Nest Heat Link to the Honeywell Smartfit. However I seem to be struggling on how to physically wire it up. The attached photo is how the smartfit is wired up currently with everything working. Can anyone offer some advice and guidance on how...
  15. R

    Light switches don’t look right

    I just unscrewed a few metal faced light switches to paint some walls (after turning off the circuit) and it looks like some wires have come loose, even though I was pretty gentle. The first pic, there is a brown cable near the bottom of the switch, and the second pic there is a loose brown and...
  16. B

    Danfross to Smart Stat

    I have purchased a smart thermostat from Amazon, I currently have a danfross (tp5000 I believe) Im looking for advice on the wiring or if it can/can’t be done.
  17. P

    Earth wiring for new Electric Heater

    Hi, I am currently trying to install a new ......... (blyss wall - mounted panel heater 1500w (195jk) and I noticed that there was no earth cable for the new (heater). Upon checking the manual again I saw that it says 'this product is double insulated and must not be earthed. If there are any...
  18. A

    2-Way Time Delay Switch Replacement

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a 2-way light switch for a 2-way delay light switch. I have replaced one already for a pneumatic time delay switch, but the second switch I bought has different wiring which I'm unsure about. Can anyone advise on how to rewire it correctly?
  19. N

    Dual Channel Hive wired wrong way around?

    I've just had a new boiler installed (Ideal Logic, regular boiler for system with sealed hot water cylinder). The boiler company provided a Hive unit, and I had to get someone else in to install it. However, they seem to have done it the wrong way around: - when I select Hot Water, the boiler...
  20. SMF

    Puzzled.. Wiring a touch light from old switch

    Puzzled.. I am trying to replace an old 2 gang 1 way switch (see below how is wired) to a new 2 gang 1 way touch light switch (2nd picture), however I'm confused by the wires. Although a total novice, Im guessing the one were there is 2 res wres attached, is power and is being looped over to...