Hive Installation from EP2002

24 Nov 2022
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United Kingdom
Hey Folks,

I've inherited a ball of wires at the back of my EP2002, wondering if anyone can assist me with what goes where in the hive. There are similar posts here, but my ball of wires is quite different. The boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 40CDI Classic Regular. Heat only, so CH does the HW too, and HW only does HW. No idea what setup I've got, a few references i think to "Y" etc. I don't have a thermostat atm, but there is a cylindrical lump of metal on a wire that sits on pipe going to the insulated HW tank..

The Layout!
General Detail.jpg

EP2002 Wiring
EP2002 Wiring.jpg

Notes found, may not reflect reality
Wiring Diagram.jpg

Cylindrical Metal Lump wired onto a TRV type valve
HW Thermostat.jpg

Also including here for future folk's searches the EP2 (EP2002) installer guide (wiring guide) and customer guide.

Many Thanks


  • EP2 Customer Guide.pdf
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  • EP2 Installer Guide.pdf
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I think you have an S plan, not y, but you should be able to have independent heating or hot water or both at the same time. What is wrong is the motorised valve goes into the programmer (EP) and not via a wiring center.
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I think current setup, is a modified "S" type, agreed (I forgot the various types, could only remember "Y"). The two motorized valves (green circles) are for upstairs/downstairs rads, and the valve for the HW tank, seems to be a TRV-esque with the wired cylindrical metal lump on the HW tank jacket feed.

I think that all works fine, assuming that if just CH is selected, I also get HW, and if HW selected I just get HW (not CH).

I don't think the current setup will allow CH without HW, given there is no electrically wired flow valve to the HW tank. I've just got a TRV type thing to cut supply and push it back to the boiler return.

That all said this is current setup. Ideally I'm looking for some help wiring into the Hive's N,L, 1, 2, 3, 4

I've annotated the wiring photo with the what goes where, if anyone can advise how to port to the hive's connectors, much appreciated.
Wiring Anotated.jpg
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you have a Heath Robinson botch, the mechanical stat for the HW should be replaced with a 2 port zone valve and wired in accordingly to make your system an S plan, not really much point in adding a Hive to that without upgrading the system

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