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  1. A

    Hive Installation from EP2002

    Hey Folks, I've inherited a ball of wires at the back of my EP2002, wondering if anyone can assist me with what goes where in the hive. There are similar posts here, but my ball of wires is quite different. The boiler is a Worcester Greenstar 40CDI Classic Regular. Heat only, so CH does the HW...
  2. E

    Wiring Hive V3 on a Y plan system

    I have pumped hot water and CH on a three port valve, a Y plan I believe The wiring seems standard to many Y plan diagrams, where there is no wire to terminal 2 (Heating off) on the controller My guess is I need this wired up for the hive to function fully, but where should it be wired to? The...
  3. P

    Nest thermostat with 2 hot water cylinders - how?

    Hello all, been a frequent visitor here for lots of tips over the years, but this is my first question. I would like to upgrade my Drayton digistat 3 (central heating) and separate Drayton LP711 (hot water) controllers to a single Nest system that controls both CH+HW. System is open vented...
  4. A

    Wiring diagram help - Replacing inline fan with timed inline fan

    I'm replacing an inline extractor fan with the exact same model with a timer function but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring diagram. I've removed the wires from the old fan and got the new one ready but I'm struggling to understand what to do next. The previous wiring setup was shown...
  5. H

    Another Volkera and Nest installation - advice please

    Hi guys, We are in the process of having a nest thermostat fitted (3rd gen) to out Volkera Easi heat 29 boiler and our fitter is struggling a bit so thought id ask for some advice. Can any show me the correct wiring for the heatlink please? so that it controls the boiler properly. A pic would...
  6. MeldrewsMate

    Vauxhall Combo radio fault; I could do with a wiring diagram

    I have a 2010 Combo van, 1.3cdti. The open circuit voltage at the radio connector is 13vdc, or thereabouts, dropping to about 2vdc when the radio is plugged-in. It follows that I have a poor connection between the radio and the power source (battery/fuse). A vehicle wiring diagram would be...