Hive and Baxi ecoblue advance - quick wiring question

29 Oct 2022
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Hi guys, new user but have relied on these forums a few times in the past so a general thanks to all who make this such a valuable resource.

I am looking to install hive to my Baxi ecoblue advance Combi boiler and was happily following an older forum post about it but there is an ‘issue’ that I was hoping to get some could clarity on.

The boiler has a wireless, timer dial that I need to make sure is no longer in action.

A previous poster had noted that they had wired everything up but the boiler wouldn’t fire and it was to do with an existing control still being in place or having been timed out.

I’ve sketched out what I hope is a helpful diagram of what I’m doing.

The terminal 1 and 2 cables (where I will remove the loop on the other side as per the yellow and wire in my hive) go back to where the existing receiver was located (red circle in the image) and a previous poster had commented that if they ‘shorted’ 3 and 4 on the block would that link out the old timer. They then replied to say they had ‘bridged’ the timer block on terminal 3 and 4 which had worked.

An extract from their post about their timer block is below in italics and is the same situation I have

I have 5 connectors on the old receiver plug

1 is neutral (2 blue cables) 1 of which goes to N terminal on the block

2 is live (2 brown) 1 of which goes to L terminal on the block

3 is black goes to terminal 2 on the block

4 is black to PCB

5 is unused

The question I have and would be immensely grateful if anyone could help is how would I short terminals 3 and 4 or bridge the timer block assuming I wire everything up as per my diagram and that is indeed the correct thing to do.

I can’t help feel it’s a relatively straightforward solution, I just want to double check.

Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help and I would happily make a donation to a charity of your choosing if you were able to assist.


Hive wiring.jpg
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Thanks for the reply Ian, hugely helpful.

Can I just check how I would leave the onboard timer to on? My timer is a wireless unit that sits in my kitchen shelf.

Thanks again

Are you sure it’s a wireless timer? Can you post a photo of said timer and “receiver” at the boiler?
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Thanks for the reply CBW - please see attached pics


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Hi Ian,

Apologies I’m not entirely sure what I need to take a pic of. I’ve included a pic of the general board and there are pics above of the timer etc

@Anon_E_Mouse I did think that would be the easiest solution but it just means always having to make sure I have batteries in it etc.

Although if I did do that I suppose it makes the installation as easy as possible as I just wire it as per my original diagram?
Easiest way if you have lost the origional link, just join the wires 3&4 on the receiver in the boiler, and make a link between 1&L on the hive receiver
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