1. D

    Hive and Baxi Duo Tec 40

    Hi, I had the original hive and the hub packed in. So when I saw the new one on a black Friday deal jumped at it for £110. I replace everything but now hive cannot control the boiler. I have changed any wiring. But I have noticed the new receiver has a hot water button. I attach the pic of...
  2. G

    Hive and Baxi ecoblue advance - quick wiring question

    Hi guys, new user but have relied on these forums a few times in the past so a general thanks to all who make this such a valuable resource. I am looking to install hive to my Baxi ecoblue advance Combi boiler and was happily following an older forum post about it but there is an ‘issue’ that I...
  3. B

    Main 24 HE Combi Boiler strange behaviour

    Hi I'm looking for help with strange behaviour from a Main 24 HE Combi Boiler. Symptoms are when turning the boiler on regardless of either heat & DHW or just DWH are after 5 secs the lights show: Burner light is off Flame failure light is flashing slowly Power on is on The boiler won't fire...
  4. A

    Nest E & Baxi 228 OpenTherm issue

    Hi all, I've searched online and can't find anyone with the same issue, so thought I'd post here. At the weekend I installed a Nest Thermostat E to my Baxi 228 using OpenTherm, replacing an on/off thermostat. Initially, I removed the old thermostat's wire from terminal X4 and did not reinstate...
  5. R

    Drayton Wiser & Baxi - Opentherm Installation Issues

    Hi, I've joined because I have a lot of trouble with trying to make my new boiler work with the Opentherm interface and thought someone with more experience than me could help. Equipment: Drayton Wiser - Single Channel Programmer with Opentherm module. Baxi 836 Combi boiler with Opentherm...
  6. C

    No central heating on BAXI DUO-TEC COMBI 24 HE

    Hello everyone, My home has a BAXI DUO-TEC COMBI 24 HE. The radiators won't heat up even though the boiler is showing a green light saying they are running. The hot water is still working though. I've tried bleeding radiators and then pressurising the boiler after but I still have the same...
  7. S

    Baxi Main Eco and Nest 3rd Gen wiring

    Hi all, im a going to replace my PROCOMBI CT Plug in Wireless 24HR DIAL Thermostat with a nest 3rd Gen Thermostat. But I'm a bit confused to how best to do this. The image attached is how the old receiver is wired at the min. Can someone advise if they had done one of these before and the best...
  8. N

    Baxi Gas fire Kingston 2 deluxe

    Hello, first time post on here hoping someone can help me. I'm looking to try and find a replacement thermocouple for the above fire. I believe this is a baxi part number 243737. E25-202 I've looked everywhere but all unavailable and the universal ones don't fit. Thanks Nicola
  9. J

    Baxi smoke tube

    Hi...1st timer here. I have a baxi bermuda fire. Got serviced last week. Condemned..too much spillage. Gas engineer had no idea what the 'smoke tube' was (young lad). Did 2 smoke tests holding match in front of radiants. He googled the fire to try and find info. Said chimney was blocked. He...
  10. C

    Basic boiler crackling sound

    I had a Baxi boiler fitted in February and when it is running it makes a weird crackling sound. I feel like it is in the pipes that exit and enter the top of boiler. It doesn’t always crackle, I think it is more when it is starting up. Is this normal? In every other respect the boiler seems to...
  11. M

    Baxi bermuda seems to be running at full tilt

    Hi there, I have recently moved into a new home which has a baxi bermuda installed, my aim is ultimately to replace the system but ideally not until next year. I have just had a new three way valve installed on the system as there was no hot water when we moved in, however, ever since doing...
  12. S

    Connect Hive to Baxi Boiler that currently has Wireless Thermostat

    Hi, my boiler - Baxi Platinum 28E, currently has a wireless thermostat / receiver installed. The current thermostat receiver has a Live / Neutral and 2 x black on/off wires attached. Can I just connect these wires to the Live / Neutral and on/off terminals in the Hive receiver? If so it'll be...
  13. V

    new baxi boiler noisy

    desperately needing help, I had a new baxi boiler 800 combi fitted last week and its constantly making a whining humming noise, it no sooner stops and it starts again. The plumber came back and drained the radiators but its still the same. my friend and neighbour both have the same boiler and...
  14. Sarah_W

    baxi duo tec combi 33 he a - water ok but no heating

    Hi, I moved into my house a few months back but with the weather fine had no need to use the heating and now its getting colder I tried putting it on but it doesnt seem to work. No error codes displayed. Pressures fine. I topped the gas up (payg) I turned the boiler off and back on again and it...
  15. E

    Baxi 60/100 and Hive

    Have searched the site for solution and couldn't find one for my problem, hopefully someone is able to advise on where I have went wrong. Formerly had potterton EP2002 controller connected to my BAXI system boiler 60/100. (See photo) This also had a thermostat wired in and has a hot water...
  16. M

    Baxi Duo Tec 40 HE A Fluctuating Hot Water Temperature

    Hello All, I am currently having an issue with my Baxi Duo Tec 40 HE A not maintaining a constant temperature for the domestic hot water. With a thermometer under a tap & the domestic hot water thermostat set to 43 °C I get a fluctuating temperature from 51 °C to 38 °C which is clearly not...
  17. S

    Baxi Boiler Diaphragm Replacement

    Hello, I have a Baxi combi boiler and I'm having problems with the hot water. When the heating is on I have no problem and can get hot water but at other times it is very hit and miss. As well when I am running the tap at a low flow I can get hot water. I have been told that this is probably...
  18. C

    Boiler wiring for thermostat

    Hi was having a look at the wiring for my boiler (baxi duo tec a 24) to see if a nest thermostat would be suitable. My currant thermostat has a mind of it own. The wiring doesn't look right to me, just popping it all in a terminal strip together. Normally my dad would have a look (he was a...
  19. L

    Baxi Back Boiler Help

    Hi we've not long moved into our new house which has a back boiler heating system and a baxi Bermuda 50/3 inset. The hot water has never been an issue(infact it's probably too hot) but we now have no heating, obviously at the moment it's difficult to get anyone to come out with lockdown on but...
  20. C

    Is my Baxi boiler openthrem compatible?

    I know this is probably a dump question but just want to check. I'm thinking of getting a nest 3rd gen thermostat fitted to my Baxi duo tec 23 HE A (about 6 years old). Will it work on openthrem or just on/off ? Thanks