1. cwhaley

    Floor Poured before BCO Inspection

    We've got the shell of an extension at the back of our house, completed by a builder. Roof, walls, concrete floor, etc. -- just no windows or doors. Throughout the build communication was absolutely rubbish with me constantly having to chase things up, and taking time off work for no-shows...
  2. cwhaley

    Temporary Trickle Vents

    I'm having a new extension and I'm currently ordering the windows. I know er need means of ventilation but I don't want trickle vents (ugly, noisy and inefficient) -- my preference for ventilation is locking the windows on the catch which we have been doing for years now with no problems. I know...
  3. T

    Level threshold detail? Beam and block

    My first question is, my architect has not included a level threshold detail for my bifold doors. Can I differ from the drawing without having it approved? Can my BCI just approve a method? can someone explain or show me the detail for a level threshold? (Beam and block floor) I would’ve...
  4. T

    Block & Beam, on outer skin?

    Hi I’m about to commence on a rear extension. The block and beam layout has to be drawn up and sizes spec’d by the beam supplier, and then sent through to our BCO. my question is, where the beams key into the existing wall, can they simply rest on the outer brick skin? (On a DPC) or do they...
  5. L

    Pros & cons between universal beams vs parallel flange channels

    Good morning. For my loft conversion the structural engineer designed PFC steels to carry the new load of the 9" X 2" C24 floor joists. The building control officer stated that I could have also used universal beams instead, because "it would have cost a lot less in steel". Is this an accurate...
  6. B

    Suspended timber floor over insulated concrete floor ~ insulation needed?

    We have built an extension and had the base built for us ~ the usual layers of hardcore, sand, DPC, rigid insulation, more DPC and poured concrete. Because we want a 'traditional' timber floor, we allowed for joists and floorboards. At last inspection BCO said we needed air-bricks to ventilate...