Level threshold detail? Beam and block

15 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
My first question is, my architect has not included a level threshold detail for my bifold doors. Can I differ from the drawing without having it approved? Can my BCI just approve a method?

can someone explain or show me the detail for a level threshold? (Beam and block floor)

I would’ve thought the cavity could be filled with lean mix concrete to support the insulation and screed crossing over, with dpm below and lapped onto external leaf dpc?
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You really need to know the section of the cill to knwo where the cill will be positioned in relation to the external skin.

Filling the cavity may not help you as the floor insulation will go onto the floor beam with screed on the top.

You don't need to inform BCI of the method -just make sure its detailed correctly to provide support for the track whilst avoiding thermal bridging.
How would you do it? Do you have any details you know of online? This is what I’ve seen
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