1. R

    Queentruss Attic - Loft Flooring Conversion

    Hello, New member here. Have been looking at my attic recently, and wondering what the possibility of partially converting it either into a part mezzanine area above a bedroom or alternatively an insulated hobby/storage room area. Ceiling heights are limited at circa 1.5m, house is a Georgian...
  2. D

    Another... garage conversion post. Just a sanity check on plans for a detached concrete sectional conversion to a home office

    Morning all! I am finally getting round to sorting out our slightly concrete sectional garage conversion - mainly because i'm being evicted from my current home office as my youngest is ready to move in to her own room. Current state of play: - 5.5 x 2.5m detached concrete sectional garage...
  3. G

    Insulating & boarding outbuilding

    Hi all, hoping someone can give me clarity on if my plan will work. I have a 4.5m x 3.5m single skin flat roof outbuilding which I’m planning to use as a bar/man cave. There is a DPM below the concrete & I have also tanked the walls & floor for good measure. my plan was to use 2x1 battens with...
  4. A

    Rules regarding size and clearances in bathroom

    Hello, I’m planning on converting my back bedroom into a separate shower room and bedroom. I’ve seen online a lot of guidance around clearances in front of toilets, part P for electrics etc but wanted to ask if there were any specific requirements for bathrooms. I.E you have to leave X amount...
  5. henriquedroog

    Garage conversion in a terraced house

    Hello, I have a question that could not find the answer Googling. Is it possible to do a garage conversion in terraced house where one of the garage walls is shared with the neighbours house?
  6. S

    Structural integrity - Can i move the beams in single skim brick garage pitched roof?

    Hi all, Looking for some help/advice re: if I can move some beams in a single skim brick garage pitched roofup to give more height in room. The room is 4x2.5m and is in good quality. As it's a fairly small room i dont want a flat root (even though it passes building regs re: height after...
  7. S

    Dormer on a partial loft conversion - How much & which trade?

    A few years ago, I fully refurbished my house. During that time, whilst ceilings were down, the builder replaced the joists in the attic in preparation for a future loft conversion. Plumbing and electrics were also brought up and a staircase was also fitted. All of the above was done to meet...
  8. 0

    Final check before ordering - garage conversion

    Hi all, Had loads of really useful help on here, special thanks to Woody on that front. Just wanted to list out everything i'm getting before putting quite an expensive order in (that I can't afford to get wrong). Plus it may help someone seeing this level of detail. I've spoke to building...
  9. CCoomber

    Cable management, floor conversion suspended to concrete.

    Hi I am currently considering converting my ground floor which is currently suspended timber into a solid insulated concrete floor for UF heating. There is a concrete base beneath the joists and the depth from the top of the joists to the bottom of the void (concrete) is 10". Currently the...
  10. Kevjh

    Converting coal fire to gas

    I have a cast iron fireplace installed and wanted to put a gas fire insert (one of the coal ones) into the bottom where the real coal would have sat and had a couple of questions. An old 1950's fire was taken out, and I have cut away some of the brick and filler to allow this cast iron (coa...
  11. A

    Wet, drafty utility room

    Hello, I have a utility room that is wet from condensation, freezing cold to the touch and really drafty with 2 air bricks and a extractor fan! The plaster is all shot and it's only single brick all external walls with an internal door separating it from the bathroom. I assume this may have been...
  12. M

    Converting Outbuilding to kitchen

    Hi, I’m on a steep learning curve here as gradually updating house ,but things just got a little more confusing I have an utility area ( toilet, laundry room , storage cupboard ) attached to the semi det house . The utility area is built on a concrete slab. The house date back to 1960 and is...
  13. JD2012

    Best Maglite LCD Conversion Kit.

    I was thinking of buying a LED Conversion Kit for my 2 Cell Maglite Torch. I am not sure of the model but its the black metal police type and takes two batteries. Any ideas thanks?
  14. A

    Plasterboard over doorframes

    Hi all, We are currently week 7 into our garage conversion and the doors and windows have just been installed and plasterboard and plaster now completed by our builders. Whilst we were painting the room, we noticed the plasterboard and plaster actually goes over the door/window frames which I’ve...
  15. A

    Garage conversion - planning permission

    Hi, the rules say no planning permission is needed for converting a garage into a room if it's internal. Is replacing the steel garage door with a window and brickwork deemed internal or external? The rules are a bit confusing as this visible change will be seen by external passers by? If no...
  16. Rachael1976

    Conversion of coal shed/outside toilet

    Good evening. We have submitted a lawfulness certificate to convert some outbuildings connected to the house which include an integral garage/stable type space and an outside toilet and coal store into a kitchen diner and utility. The planner is fine with the majority of the application but we...
  17. C

    Basement Tanking Membrane - Suitable for Ceilings??

    I'm converting a brick outbuilding to a utility room and was planning on using a basement Tanking damp proof membrane to line the walls before Battens and insulated plaster boards go on. The roof is flat concrete with rebar running across tieing in to next doors so as expected the ceiling can...
  18. I

    Are loft purlin binders necessery?

    Hi There, Most likely in topic I have used wrong terminology to describe my issue but hopefully picture attached will do better. I am trying to make more space in my loft and install some doors to cover clutter located in deeper corners of my loft and I wonder if those "binders" pointed in...
  19. Dan watts

    Loft conversion issue: Short term solution with long term benefit.

    Hi all. Im currently doing a load of work on the house and decided the loft would be a good place to store some unused materials and some tools. This is not going to be anything like a loft conversion. I just want a few boards up there for storage, which is easy enough. Im planning on hanging...
  20. T

    Level threshold detail? Beam and block

    My first question is, my architect has not included a level threshold detail for my bifold doors. Can I differ from the drawing without having it approved? Can my BCI just approve a method? can someone explain or show me the detail for a level threshold? (Beam and block floor) I would’ve...