bifold door

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    Bi-fold doors - external handle/lock

    Hi, We've had bi-fold doors fitted to our extension, but they don't have an external handle or lock, meaning we can only lock them using a lever from the inside. I assume that is how they are designed, rather than someone forgot to attach that! My question is, can a handle and lock be added...
  2. O

    Gap between bifolds and RSJ

    Hi, New here. Need some advice on a project I’m working on. Iv had a 5meter RSJ put in across the back of my house. I have some bifolds ready to go in for now but In 6-8 months time I am having an extension. When I do the bifolds will move to the new extension. The problem is the RSJ...
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    Materials, sizes, gap for off the shelf bi-folds?

    I'm thinking of replacing my French doors with a window either side, with some bifold doors. The gap from brick to brick outdoors is 2.39m, or 2.38 ish indoors from plaster to plaster Would a standard 2.4m window fit or would I need to get something a tiny bit smaller / bespoke? Also would a...
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    Magnet on bifold doors

    Hi I have bifold doors in place with the magnet to hold the door open set in the middle (going by what manufacturer set out), but the door comes away from the magnet when even slightly windy. A second magnet can’t be placed nearer to the end of the door because of the restriction with the...
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    Bi-fold door aperture size

    This is doing my head in! Despite the reams and reams of information available on this I cannot get it clear in my head. I want some standard sized bi-fold doors that are roughly 4m in width, and standard height. I am about to build the aperture, and I want to know the exact size between the...
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    Replace external sliding door with internal bifold door conservatory. Can I ?

    I was wondering if is possible to replace an old sliding doors with an interior bifold between my extension and conservatory. What would be the minimum spec accepted by building control? Thanks