block and beam.

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    Access under new Block and beam floor (Ed.)

    Hi all, We are starting a 2 story extension next week and the builder will be using block and beam for the downstairs floor as we are on a slope. It's likely that the void underneath the floor could be quite large and we have asked if possible to create an access door on the outside so we...
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    Block and beam direction

    I was always fixed on laying beams along the 5.8m length.. however, that just seems like trouble. The supplier says they're about 250kg each, and will be awkward to get in. So two options. Which is easier???? 1. Lay them the other way, at 3.8 metre lengths, and cut pocket holes into the...
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    Advice on large raised patio and extra wide external patio steps

    My rear extension is about 11 meters wide and will have a 4.8m bifold door. The rear extension floor is about 140cm above the lawn. Work on the extension is underway and funds are getting a bit tight so need some advice/ideas on how to build a raised patio and 5.8m wide steps from bifold to the...
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    How to fit coal post steel on block and beam floor

    No longer required thank you for replies
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    Best mortar/concrete base for pedestal supported patio - thin slab

    Hi I'm looking for advice on the recipe to use for concrete. I'm about to lay the concrete slab on which I'll fix my 30mm thick, large, rectified stone slabs using pedestals. The pedestals are needed to overcome multiple problems of levels and drainage. It will be laid on top of block and...
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    Cavity tray above airbricks? Bifold above

    I am building a level threshold for my bifold on my extension, having an air brick Telescopic vent just below dpc, would clash with the insulation on my block and beam floor. My architect has detail a cavity tray above the air brick, even though there’s a bifold directly above it? Is this required?
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    Help! Please! Builder built block and beam too high

    Please, please help, clever and knowledgeable people. Sorry for the long brief: Can you lower block and beam around an extension built on the block and beam? Can you remove the block and beam on the outside of a building built over the block and beam? In Oct 2018, builder built a...
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    Block & Beam, on outer skin?

    Hi I’m about to commence on a rear extension. The block and beam layout has to be drawn up and sizes spec’d by the beam supplier, and then sent through to our BCO. my question is, where the beams key into the existing wall, can they simply rest on the outer brick skin? (On a DPC) or do they...
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    Concrete beam into existing wall?

    I’m doing a rear extension on my bungalow, the floor is going to be block and beam. My question is... where the beams key into the existing cavity wall, do they have to knock through so that they sit on the inner load bearing skin? Or can they rest on the outer skin? any advice would be...
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    How to lay patio slabs on top of block and beam?

    Hi, what sort of screed do I need to be safe from bounce wrecking my limestone flags, laid on block and beam 3 feet above garden level I have a block and beam patio about 2m x 6m with a 4m radius quarter-circle on the end. Most of the beams are 2.3m or shorter. I plan to lay limestone flags...