Advice on large raised patio and extra wide external patio steps

Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by Tgeorge, 29 Oct 2021.

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    My rear extension is about 11 meters wide and will have a 4.8m bifold door. The rear extension floor is about 140cm above the lawn. Work on the extension is underway and funds are getting a bit tight so need some advice/ideas on how to build a raised patio and 5.8m wide steps from bifold to the patio for cheap. We have planning permission for a raised patio (50 - 60 cm high) and want to avoid timber decking. We checked composite decking but its too expensive for the good stuff. Ideally, we want a concrete patio that we can tile over later and just the steps could be composite decking.

    Patio - 11m x 3m and ~50cm high
    6 steps from bifold to patio - each step 500cm x ~40cm and about 15cm tall

    Some ideas I thought would be to use beam and block for the patio with four 3m steel beams resting on brick pillars with concrete beans going between them. This means I need just 8 brick pillars for the beams to rest on. The steps could be composite decking resting on three stepped walls?

    Any other ideas? I am not a regular DIYer so can't think of anything else apart from using tonnes or hardcore and pouring concrete. Hope the diagram gives an idea

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