1. E

    Installing Aco channel drain.

    Hi everyone, I'm building a patio from Indian sandstone slabs and have planned to install an Aco RainDrain channel drain at one end of it (see drawing). The fall is 1:80 towards the drain. The drain will be about 3.3m long. My question is do I need to have a fall on the aco drain? I wasn't...
  2. B

    Drainage on a porcelain patio

    Hi all, about to start a new patio project, approx 30m2 in size, I've been thinking about drainage, and the most serious conclusion I've come to, is that I install an ACO drain up against the rear wall of the property, connected to the fresh water drain that the gutter downpipe feeds into. Are...
  3. W

    Neighbours patio

    My neighbour has recently laid the blockwork for his new patio and it probably about a 1m high at our boundary. It's on sloping ground so probably less than 300mm above the ground at the other end. It's not ideal as they can see in a lot of our garden, but not all. I don't want an argument with...
  4. M

    Little Patio?

    Hi, we've a hardstanding just outside the back door that's a combination of uneven concrete and paving slabs from many years ago. It's solid but not level either but does allow surface water to drain away on to the lawn borders (that's fine). Was wanting to put a little patio area over the above...
  5. A

    Advice needed for patio subbase

    I've read and re-read a lot of threads about patio subbases but still can't decide how to proceed with mine. Late last year I dug out an area 50sq.m down roughly 160mm from finished surface level. Working to the 100mm type 1/ 40mm bed / 20 porcelain tile advice that seems quite common. The...
  6. stratford_noob

    Re-bedding patio slabs

    I wanted to repoint my patio + fix some wobbly slabs. But it turned out a lot of them (23) were actually wobbly and after taking them out, I'm kind of stuck what to actually do. The original mortar was pretty high and applied in "blobs" so I was thinking I should just remove some of it and use...
  7. G

    Patio higher than DPC and new foundations

    Hi, this is my first post, I hope the below will make sense. We have been doing some research online but still in a bit of a quandary about what to do! We have had a small new extension put in with bifold doors in place however the foundations and new DPC are below the patio. Unfortunately the...
  8. E

    Wildly varying DPC levels with shallow foundation for patio build

    Bit of a uncommon DPC/foundation situation here has left us in a pickle. I've highlighted the DPC levels in green. See Picture. We bought this house 2 years ago. We found its a 1970s, had an extension in 1975 and a large interior redesign in the last 15 years that included moving the rear...
  9. R

    Flooded area in patio

    Hello, New slabs and patio was installed last year. It has been OK until this summer where it seems that some slabs have sinked creating a small area of the patio (below the table, in the pics) that now gets flooded when there is medium rain (very often where we are!). Trader is clearly rogue...
  10. J

    Grout a sandstone riven slab patio - What product to use? Help

    I Have to grout a patio wich has riven sandstone slab with 10/15mm gap. I understand dry mix sand cement does not work for this type of slab and brush in product would be ideally. I came across Sika fast fix but load of comments about failure and product coming loose apart to be very expensive...
  11. M

    Raised patio and steps

    Hi I am planning on making a raised patio with steps up to the back living room (external door due to be fitted) in my garden. I have a few question I hope you can help with: 1) How could I create these 3/4 steps down to the patio from the back living room without breaching the damp proof...
  12. J

    Lay riven buff patio slab on concrete slab. what to use?

    We decided to cover our concrete slab side walkway with some reclaimed riven buff patio slab. I know these slab usually directly on compacted soil but on my case it would go on solid 100mm concrete slab. I guess sand and cement would be fine to lay them. I know it may sound stupid but would I...
  13. T

    Laying a patio over existing base

    We recently had our old sandstone slabs taken up ready to be replaced with a porcelain patio. We have been told the existing base is solid enough to just tidy it up and relay new slabs over the top. I am not convinced. Images attached. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. N

    Patio sliding door advise needed - pls help

    Hi All, Need expert advice. I would like to go ahead with the Patio Sliding door. The door's overall size is 5960 (W) X 2090 (H) and going with 4 panels, 2 fixed (right & left) two can slide (left one and right one), See the attached image please. I am not knowledgeable about windows and...
  15. M

    Laying bricks on a concrete base, mortar bed or sand?

    I've built a canopy over what used to be a very old garage. I've been left with a sloping (old concrete base) at least 120mm thick. I would like to lay old handmade bricks as a base (maybe herringbone), preferably on top of the concrete. I was wondering if I could lay similar to block paving...
  16. T

    New pointing coming up

    We had our drive extended to get a second car on and the whole lot repointed, it's crazy paving and has been down for years, it's not moving and is on a very solid concrete base. I'm finding bits of the pointing coming up, it seems like there is a thin skin of solid surface but it's like sand...
  17. J

    Concrete slab paving on concrete flooring - Can be done - Help

    I got my side access and front patio in exposed concrete flooring which looks a bit awful due of many repair during the years. Can these slab be installed on solid concrete and what would be the substrate without rising a lot. Thanks
  18. T

    Building a Veranda / Patio Cover Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am looking at building a timber lean to veranda / patio cover down the side of my house and was hoping that I could get a bit of advice on how to do it. The span is going to be roughly 2.7m wide by 6m long with a roof at 15 degrees. The whole thing will be painted with...
  19. A

    Patio specifications including slot drain and kerb installation

    Just to begin with the fact that I am a total novice when it comes to garden/building works. Please see below my design and specifications for a simple ground level patio installation which will be level with the threshold of a rear alley which will be accessed via a gate. I have also attached...
  20. D

    Treated pine beam span

    Hi, I'm putting up a freestanding patio (5 x 2.6m) with insulated roof panels on top. I've got 6 post footings at the moment but wanted to eliminate the middle 2 posts and just have 4 posts. If I'm using treated pine what size beam would span the 5m? Or is that too far? For roof load, depth is...